book summary for ugly love by colleen hoover

Book Summary: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

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Explore the depths of a complex romance with Colleen Hoover’s “Ugly Love,” an emotionally intense novel that resonates with readers. This raw tale digs into the nuances of a relationship that starts without expectations but evolves into a narrative rich with emotion and depth. As a New York Times bestseller, it captures the complications of love, pulling at the heartstrings and inviting a deep connection to the story that lingers well beyond its conclusion.

Embark on a journey through the “no strings attached” relationship of Tate and Miles, where the lines of casual intimacy and profound emotional bonds blur. The fabric of their story is woven with themes of fear, desire, and the courage it takes to confront the past, offering a heartfelt exploration of love’s multifaceted nature. As details unfold, prepare to become intertwined with the characters and their personal discoveries of what it means to really fall in love.

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Quick Details

  • Suitable for: Adults 17+
  • Content Notices: Themes of death, sorrow, and vehicular accidents
  • Relationship Dynamics: Casual romance, no commitment involved, opportunities for renewed love

“Ugly Love” stands out in Colleen Hoover’s collection of writings for its intense emotional depth and mature themes. You’ll find the characters navigating the turbulent waters of a casual relationship that challenges them to confront their deepest scares and desires. A focus on a nurse named Tate and a pilot named Miles, this novel dives into the impact of past traumas on present connections and the complex road to recovery and understanding through love.

Summary of “Ugly Love”


Climactic Twists

Major Revelations:

  • In a heartbreaking turn of events from the past, Miles and his high school love, Rachel, face a devastating car accident after the birth of their son, Clayton. Tragically, the baby does not survive.
  • Overcome by grief, Rachel leaves Miles, leading him to build walls around his heart.


  • Years after the accident, Miles visits Rachel, only to find she has moved on and found joy, helping him realize healing is possible.
  • One pivotal day, Miles arrives at Tate’s place, ready to bear his soul. He recounts his painful history and propels their relationship towards a future he once believed was impossible.
  • Love takes flight when Miles, with Tate and Cap by his side, ascends above the clouds to propose, signifying a new horizon for the couple.
  • Miles and Tate’s union blooms into marriage, and they welcome a daughter into their world, naming her after their dear friend Cap—a testament to their journey from sorrow to happiness and the healing power of love.

Common Inquiries

  • Does the story end on a positive note?

    Absolutely. The journey culminates with Miles making peace with his former partner, Rachel. This leads him to confess his history to Tate at her new residence. The pinnacle of romance is reached when Miles proposes to Tate during a flight, with their friend Cap in attendance. They wed, embrace parenthood with their daughter, named to honor Cap, and enjoy a fulfilled, loving life.

  • Underlying lesson of Ugly Love?

    The core lesson is the resilience of the human spirit, underscoring that amidst sorrow and misfortune, joy and contentment can be reclaimed. It’s about weathering life’s storms and savoring its highs.

  • Brief synopsis of the book?

    “Ugly Love” features Tate, an occupied nursing student, and Miles, a reclusive pilot, entangled in an uncomplicated relationship that evolves beyond their initial intent. Complex emotions and past traumas bubble to the surface, painting a picture of the challenging path to mending and authentic connection.


In the throes of a gripping romance, Ugly Love emerges as a cherished narrative within Colleen Hoover’s works. Its exploration of uncommitted relationships and the opportunity for emotional renewal resonates with readers who enjoy a heartfelt story.

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