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Colleen Hoover’s Top Hits: Your Guide to Bestselling Romance

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Bestselling author Colleen Hoover, affectionately dubbed as CoHo by her fans, has dominated the world of contemporary romance with her emotionally charged and deeply moving narratives. Ranking her novels is no small feat given her extensive and varied catalog of works. As an author who has captured the hearts of millions of readers, Hoover’s books have earned a stronghold on Goodreads, with ratings that reflect their popularity and impact.

With this article, we will discuss the highs and lows of falling in love, navigating pain, and discovering redemption – all themes Hoover deftly explores in her writing. My aim is to sift through readers’ feedback and Goodreads ratings to compile a definitive list of her most cherished works. This ranking will offer both seasoned CoHo aficionados and newcomers alike a guiding star for which books of hers to read first, ensuring an enthralling experience into Hoover’s world of bestsellers.

So, whether you’re a die-hard CoHo fan or diving into her tales for the first time, prepare to be swept off your feet by stories that promise to linger long after the last page has been turned. Together, we’ll uncover which of Colleen Hoover’s writings truly stand out as her top hits in the realm of bestselling romance.

Unwrapping Hoover’s Success Story

I remember hearing about Colleen Hoover for the first time when ‘Slammed’ hit the shelves. Like many now-famous authors, her career sparked from humble beginnings. In 2012, with neither experience nor industry connections, she took the bold leap into self-publishing. Little did she know, this leap would catapult her into a new stratum of success. The impact was nothing short of a whirlwind. Within a decade, she captured and outsold some of the literary world’s biggest names.


Hoover’s rise can’t be discussed without mentioning BookTok, a thriving community of book lovers on TikTok. Her novels adorned with compelling narratives and romantic twists became a sensation. They dominated ‘For You’ pages, driving her popularity to unimaginable heights. Thanks to this platform, she connected with a voracious reading community, hungry for her every word. This connection, profoundly symbiotic, elevated her visibility and led to a deal with a traditional publisher.

As I look back at her trajectory, it’s clear that Colleen Hoover’s journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and the undeniable influence of social media. It also highlights a shift in the publishing industry, where viabilty and literary success are increasingly in the hands of readers. Today, with each new release, her ever-expanding repertoire continues to win hearts and top bestseller lists, marking her as an unstoppable force in contemporary romance.

The Hopeless Series: Where Emotions Soar

Colleen Hoover’s ‘Hopeless’ series takes you on an unforgettable emotional journey, starting with ‘Hopeless’, a true testament to her skill in crafting deeply moving love stories. With a staggering Goodreads rating of 4.32 stars, the book sets a high bar for contemporary romance. It introduces us to Sky and Dean’s turbulent love affair, showcasing Hoover’s talent for delving into the complexities of young love and the secrets that can lurk beneath the surface of seemingly perfect relationships.


‘Losing Hope’, the gripping companion novel to ‘Hopeless’, delves deeper into Dean’s perspective, revealing the heart-wrenching struggles and redemption that come with confronting the past. This powerful narrative has left readers awed, as evidenced by its 4.29 stars on Goodreads. The series is a compelling starting point for new readers in the CoHo universe, highlighting the depth and resilience of her characters.

The novella ‘Finding Cinderella’ rounds out the series with a lighter tale that nonetheless packs an emotional punch. This story earns a strong 4.15 stars, completing the trilogy with the warmth and charm that have become Hoover’s hallmarks. Together, these books create an immersive experience that explains why they remain among the most celebrated works in Colleen Hoover’s extensive catalog. Fans say it’s their heartfelt portrayal of characters grappling with real-life issues that makes the Hopeless series a beloved entry point into Hoover’s compelling bibliographic world.

Standalone Masterpieces

Reminders of Him: A Novel

Colleen Hoover shines not just in series, but also through her powerful standalone novels. ‘Reminders of Him’ is a poignant exploration of loss and redemption. Readers connect deeply with the raw portrayal of a mother’s desire to reclaim her rightful place in her daughter’s life after serving time. Its success stems from Hoover’s skill in painting characters with such emotional complexity that one cannot help but root for them, despite their flaws.


On the flip side, ‘Verity’ offers a thrilling departure into the world of psychological suspense. This gripping tale casts a shadow over the line between truth and fiction, ensnaring you in the eerie life of a writer with a hidden manuscript that can unravel lives. It’s the unpredictable twists and jaw-dropping revelations that have earned ‘Verity’ critical acclaim and a devoted following. The novel’s edge-of-your-seat narrative commands attention from start to finish, solidifying its position as one of Colleen Hoover’s best books.

The lure of these stories lies in their capacity to invoke intense feelings and provoke thought, a hallmark of Hoover’s craft. Whether through the lens of heartfelt romance or the dark corridors of a thriller, her standalone works continue to enchant and surprise new and loyal readers alike.

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Verity Trigger Warnings

Exploring Hoover’s Early Works

Colleen Hoover’s journey into the world of writing kicked off with the Slammed series, marking her bold entry into the literary scene. I discovered the series launched with “Slammed,” a book that initially dipped its toes into the waters of self-publishing back in 2012. Its poignant mix of poetry and romance quickly grabbed the attention of readers, earning Colleen a dedicated following from the get-go. The story continued with “Point of Retreat,” building on the lives of its characters, Lake and Will, whose complicated romance feels both authentic and raw. Lastly, “This Girl” offered a fresh perspective, retelling the events of “Slammed” through Will’s eyes, granting fans a deeper connection to his character.

This Girl- A Novel (3) (Slammed)

Sealing her fate as a mainstay in the world of romance, these early works were pivotal. They laid the foundation for a burgeoning career that would come to denote Colleen Hoover as synonymous with gripping stories and evocative writing. Impactful as they were, these novels not only paved the way for her future successes but also cemented her reputation as a pillar of modern romance literature. As I flipped through the pages of each book, it became clear that Colleen’s ability to blend emotive storytelling with relatable characters was what enchanted so many readers from the start.

Fan Favorites and Must-Reads

  • All Your Perfects: Diving into the complexities of a marriage on the brink, this novel tackles the heart-wrenching challenges faced by a couple struggling with unspoken grief and lost expectations. The poignant narrative captures the raw essence of love’s endurance.
  • It Ends With Us: This poignant tale wraps its readers in a powerful story of resilience and personal growth. The novel explores the harrowing reality of domestic violence through a narrative that’s both compelling and sensitive, offering an unwavering look at the protagonist’s courage.
  • Ugly Love: With a title that speaks volumes, this emotionally charged book dissects the complications of a love that’s not quite picture-perfect. Characters navigate a turbulent relationship, making readers question the boundaries between love and heartache. (Read the book summary here…spoilers!)

Adventures in Collaborative Fiction

Colleen Hoover’s talent for crafting riveting romance tales finds new depths when she joins forces with Tarryn Fisher. Their collaborative effort, the ‘Never Never’ series, stands out for its intriguing premise. Best friends Charlie and Silas lose every memory of their love for each other, creating an immediate hook for the story. The narrative compels you to navigate the uncertain terrain of lost love and the quest to reclaim what once was.

The plot twists of ‘Never Never’ keep you on the edge of your seat, as every chapter delves deeper into the mysteries that enshroud Charlie and Silas. Imagine waking up devoid of all romantic recollections, the heartache and the confusion. That intense emotion is the driving force of the series. You face a sudden, gut-wrenching cliffhanger at the end of the first book, almost guaranteeing you’ll rush to grab the sequel.

In a testament to Hoover’s diverse storytelling abilities, this series diverges from her typical romance narrative to dip into the suspense genre. The collaboration showcases a meeting of minds that takes readers on an unpredictable journey. It’s an adventure in fiction that truly captivates, marrying Hoover’s expertise in romance with Fisher’s flair for dramatic twists.

Lesser-known Gems Worth Exploring

Diving into Colleen Hoover’s literary depths uncovers ‘Without Merit’ and ‘Layla,’ novels with lower ratings that remain captivating to a loyal contingent of readers. ‘Without Merit’ delves into the complexities of a flawed family, dissecting how secrets and misunderstandings can entangle lives. The portrayal of mental health challenges and the journey toward self-discovery is raw and authentic, drawing readers into the very real struggles of the characters.

layla book cover by colleen hoover

‘Layla’, on the other hand, ventures into the paranormal realm, a less charted territory for Hoover. Fans are lured by the enigmatic blend of romance and mystery. This novel twists the expectations of love beyond the living world, engaging readers who yearn for a story that defies conventional boundaries. It’s the enduring themes of love and forgiveness at the heart of these stories that resonate, offering a unique experience in Hoover’s expansive catalog. (Read the summary)

Each book invites introspection and an exploration of themes that are less about the perfect romance and more about the imperfect human experience. These tales affirm that even in the presence of flaws and lower popularity, there lies an authentic narrative yearning to connect with those who seek beyond the surface.

Beginner’s Guide to the Best of Colleen Hoover

  1. Discover ‘It Ends With Us’: I suggest diving into Colleen Hoover’s works with this poignant title. This book uncovers raw emotions and presents an unforgettable story, making it an ideal springboard into her universe.
  2. Unravel ‘Ugly Love’: Next, engross yourself in this moving narrative. Its exploration of complex relationships offers a realistic and heart-wrenching perspective on love’s imperfections.
  3. Feel ‘November 9’: I recommend following up with this innovative romance. The plot, which unfolds over several years, always on the same date, showcases Hoover’s original storytelling.
  4. Embrace ‘Confess’: Delve into this masterpiece infused with art and secrets. You will marvel at how Colleen Hoover weaves a tale that grips your heart with its authenticity and creativity. (read the summary)
  5. Meet ‘Hopeless’: For a powerful introduction to one of her most loved series, this book should be on your radar. Its intricacies and emotional depth resonate long after the last page.

A Final Stroll Through Hoover’s Library

I’ve spent time delving into Colleen Hoover’s collection, exploring a myriad of stories that resonate with heartache, passion, and profound connections. From the Hopeless series, with its surge of deep emotions and gripping tales of love, to standalones that stir the soul like ‘Verity’ and ‘Reminders of Him’, each book invites readers on an unforgettable journey.


Hoover’s early works, such as the Slammed series, showcase her growth and mark the beginnings of a journey that would captivate millions. Books like ‘All Your Perfects’ and ‘Ugly Love’ have become staples for both new and seasoned CoHo fans, bringing to life the delicate intricacies of relationships and personal growth. Collaborative ventures, too, namely the ‘Never Never’ series, expand her terrain into gripping suspense with cliffhangers that leave readers eager for more.

Yet, every story I’ve touched on is merely a glimpse into Hoover’s extensive library. Each one, whether basked in acclaim or noted with curiosity for its distinct narrative, promises an experience brimming with emotion and authenticity. So even though we’ve reached the end of this stroll, know there’s much more to Colleen Hoover’s world than can be captured in a single guide.

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