A Complete List of the Red Queen Books in Order

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Embarking on the Red Queen series journey demands a structured approach to fully grasp the complexities and intrigues of Victoria Aveyard’s world. This guide ensures that readers encounter the unfolding drama of the Silvers and Reds in the intended sequence, beginning with book 1, Red Queen, and progressing through book 2, Glass Sword, to book 3, King’s Cage, and culminating in book 4, War Storm. The compilation Cruel Crown joins the main narrative, offering a deeper dive into the series’ lore.

By following this meticulously curated order (if you choose to read chronologically), readers experience the evolution of the characters and the escalation of the plot as intended by the author. Each installment builds upon the last, weaving a tale that is rich with rebellion, power struggles, and the fight for equality in a world starkly divided by blood and ability.


Unveiling Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen Series

The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard is a sweeping tale of power, betrayal, and revolution. The saga is beautifully encapsulated in a gorgeously designed package that includes not only the four core novels but also a collection that features bonus scenes, journal entries, never-before-seen maps, and exclusive content. Followers of the series will be excited to hear from brand-new voices while revisiting beloved characters after the drama of the epic finale. This compilation is a treasure trove for fans, enhancing the reading experience with rich details and backstories.


Discovering the Red Queen Universe

Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen universe unfolds through a series of books that invite readers into a world of stratified societies and superhuman abilities. Starting with book 1, Red Queen, the story sets the stage for the battles to come. As the narrative progresses through book 2, Glass Sword, and book 3, King’s Cage, readers delve deeper into the complexities and challenges facing the characters. The journey reaches its climax with book 4, War Storm, and is further enriched by the novella collection Cruel Crown.

  • Red Queen, published February 10, 2015
  • Glass Sword, published February 9, 2016
  • King’s Cage, published February 7, 2017
  • War Storm, published May 15, 2018
  • Cruel Crown, published January 15, 2016

A Glimpse into the Dystopian World

The Red Queen series transports readers to a dystopian world where society is divided by blood color—Reds toiling under the oppressive rule of the elite Silvers. In this realm, power is both a gift and a curse, and rebellion simmers beneath the façade of a well-ordered kingdom. It’s a world where the stakes are high, alliances are fragile, and every victory comes with a price.


The Core Novels of the Red Queen Series

The foundation of the Red Queen saga is built upon its core novels, each one escalating the stakes and deepening the conflict. Amidst the backdrop of a vindictive king and a lightning girl lies a tale of resistance, heartache, and the unyielding quest for justice and equality.

Starting with Royalty and Rebellion

The series ignites with a spark of rebellion as the undercurrents of discontent swell among the oppressed Reds, setting them on a collision course with the ruling Silvers. Royalty and rebellion clash, drawing lines in the sand and igniting the flames of change.

Book 1: Red Queen

In book 1, Red Queen, readers are introduced to Mare Barrow’s world—a world divided by blood, where Reds serve beneath the Silver elite. Mare’s journey begins in the poverty of the Stilts, but a twist of fate reveals her own deadly ability, thrusting her into the very heart of the kingdom she despises, where she must navigate a treacherous maze of power, lies, and betrayal.

Continuing the Struggle for Power

The rebellion intensifies as Mare Barrow and her allies seek to dismantle the Silver’s hold on power. With each move, they challenge the status quo, knowing that the path to freedom is fraught with danger and sacrifice.

Book 2: Glass Sword

In book 2, Glass Sword, the stakes are higher as Mare discovers the extent of her power to control lightning. She becomes a pivotal weapon that the royal court desperately seeks to control. As the Silver’s grip tightens, Mare must decide how far she’s willing to go to protect her kind and secure the future of the Reds.

Escalating Tensions and Twists

As the series progresses, the twists and turns of the plot reflect the escalating tensions within the kingdom. Each decision, each battle, brings the characters closer to a tipping point that could alter their world forever.

Book 3: King’s Cage

Book 3, King’s Cage, sees Mare Barrow powerless without her lightning, trapped in the clutches of a fearsome king. The flames of rebellion continue to burn, however, as new alliances form and strategies evolve. Mare’s resilience is tested as she confronts the reality of her situation and the sacrifices required for the greater good.

The Epic Conclusion

The culmination of the series beckons readers to witness the final showdown, as the fate of the Reds and Silvers hangs in the balance. The quest for freedom reaches its zenith, promising a conclusion that is both profound and unforgettable.

Book 4: War Storm

In book 4, War Storm, Mare Barrow is determined to protect those she loves while striving to secure freedom for reds and newbloods. The battlefield is vast, and the enemies formidable, but the fight for equality and justice propels her forward. In this epic finale, the storms of war reach their peak, and the world of the Red Queen is forever changed.

The Prequel Novellas and Their Significance

The Red Queen series’ tapestry is enriched by prequel novellas, offering glimpses into the past that shaped the present. These stories add layers to the characters and the world, providing context and depth that enhance the main narrative.

Setting the Stage for the Saga

Before the rebellion’s ember ignited, there were whispers and shadows that set the stage for the saga to unfold. The prequel novellas peel back the curtains on key events and characters, laying the groundwork for the epic tale that follows.

Queen Song (Red Queen Book 1)

Novella 0.1: Queen Song

In “Queen Song,” Victoria Aveyard takes readers into the heart of Queen Coriane’s life, wife of King Tiberias. Through her eyes, Coriane recounts her heady courtship with the crown prince, painting a vivid portrait of her ascent to royalty and the challenges of royal life.

Steel Scars (Red Queen Book 2)

Novella 0.2: Steel Scars

“Steel Scars” dives into the grittier side of Norta’s bloody past, following Farley’s resistance as she travels the land recruiting black market traders. This prequel sheds light on the complex web of rebellion simmering beneath the surface of Aveyard’s dystopian world.

Uniting the Stories in One Volume

“Cruel Crown” binds together the tales of Coriane and Farley, offering a deeper understanding of Norta’s history.

Collection: Cruel Crown (Queen Song and Steel Scars Combined)

The paperback bind-up, “Cruel Crown,” combines “Queen Song” and “Steel Scars” into one volume, intertwining the lives of a queen and a rebel. This collection forms an essential part of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series, providing a foundation for the epic saga. You can also just read the two novellas on Kindle if you prefer.

Expanding the Red Queen Experience

Victoria Aveyard’s series extends beyond Book 1, “Red Queen,” offering a rich tapestry of history and context through her additional writings.

“Broken Throne” takes readers past the main story, exploring the world after the dust has settled.

The Complete Collection: Broken Throne

“Broken Throne” is a gorgeously designed package that features three brand-new novellas, exclusive content including journal entries, bonus scenes, and never-before-seen maps. Fans will be excited to hear from brand-new voices and revisit beloved characters after the drama.

The Red Queen’s Colorful World

The series’ universe is rich and vibrant, extending into various formats that allow fans to immerse themselves further.

The Official Red Queen Coloring Book

The Official Red Queen Coloring Book invites fans to bring the series’ world to life with their own creative flair, providing an interactive experience of Aveyard’s fictional universe.


The Chronological Journey Through the Red Queen Series

The Red Queen series can be experienced in chronological order, which includes bonus scenes and novellas like “Iron Heart,” offering a unique perspective on the series’ timeline.

Reading the Series in Timeline Order

For those preferring a timeline-aligned journey, chronological order can provide a fresh reading experience, though it may reveal spoilers.


Recommended Order for Time-Aligned Storytelling

By including novellas in the reading path and reading in chronological order (the time period of the story in order, not the publication order), fans can experience the full breadth of the Red Queen universe. These shorter works provide additional context and depth to the overarching narrative.

Reading the books for the first time in this order can help you better understand Mare Barrow’s world and the interactions between the characters.

  • Queen Song (Kindle only)
  • Steel Scars (Kindle only) …you can buy them in Cruel Crown which is both combined in paperback
  • Red Queen
  • Glass Sword
  • King’s Cage
  • War Storm
  • BrokenThrone

Addressing the Curiosities of Red Queen Fans

For ardent followers of the Red Queen series, questions abound regarding the intricacies and secrets of this beloved universe. The series, which combines the allure of a dystopian world with the dynamics of power and revolution, continues to captivate readers and spark conversation.

As readers traverse the gripping narrative of the Red Queen series, they encounter a complex tapestry of characters and plots that beckon a deeper exploration. Each book peels back layers of the story’s rich world, offering new enigmas to unravel.


Understanding the Politics of the Red Queen World

The political landscape in the Red Queen world is a tangle of aristocracy, rebellion, and supernatural abilities. Understanding the power struggles and social hierarchies is crucial to grasping the full scope of Victoria Aveyard’s crafted universe.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Long-time enthusiasts and newcomers alike often seek answers to pressing questions about the Red Queen series, from character backstories to the inspiration behind the world-building.

How Many Books Are in the Red Queen Series?

In total, there are four main books in the Red Queen series, complemented by 3 additional novellas that enrich the primary narrative. Together, these works constitute a comprehensive experience of Victoria Aveyard’s creation.


The Red Queen Phenomenon in Popular Culture

The Red Queen series has made a significant mark in popular culture, resonating with readers worldwide and contributing to the ongoing conversation surrounding young adult literature.

The Series’ Impact on Fantasy Literature

Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series has undeniably influenced the genre of fantasy romance, blending elements of magic, intrigue, and love into a narrative that appeals to a broad audience.

Analysis of the Red Queen’s Place in YA Canon

An analysis of the series’ standing within the young adult canon reveals its importance in shaping themes of empowerment and resistance, which resonate strongly with readers navigating their own journeys.


Tips for Newcomers to the Red Queen Series

Newcomers eager to dive into the Red Queen series can benefit from tips that will enhance their reading experience, such as understanding the world’s factions and the significance of the red and silver blood divide.

How to Get Started with the Red Queen Books

Embarking on the Red Queen series begins with the eponymous first book, ‘Red Queen’, where readers are introduced to a world divided by blood color. Diving into the pages, one meets Mare Barrow, whose story of survival in a world of silvers, despite being a Red, sets the stage for the entire saga. It’s advisable to start with the core novels before exploring the novella collections for additional backstory and world-building details.

Strategies for First-Time Readers

First-time readers should immerse themselves chronologically, starting with ‘Red Queen’ and progressing through ‘Glass Sword’, ‘King’s Cage’, and ‘War Storm’. It’s beneficial to read the prequels, ‘Queen Song’ and ‘Steel Scars’, after the first or second book to avoid spoilers and enhance the understanding of key characters’ origins. The collection ‘Broken Throne’ offers closure and further depth to the series after the final novel.

The Legacy of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen Series

The Red Queen series has etched its name in the young adult fantasy genre, known for its unique blend of dystopian politics and superhuman elements. Aveyard’s creation of a divided society where the color of one’s blood determines their fate has resonated with readers, sparking discussions about power, privilege, and resistance, solidifying the series’ status as a thought-provoking narrative.

Examining the Lasting Influence of the Books

Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series has left a lasting mark on its audience, inspiring a dedicated fanbase and contributing to the young adult fantasy genre. Its themes of rebellion, identity, and the quest for equality continue to inspire readers long after the final page is turned, demonstrating the series’ enduring appeal.

Cultural and Literary Contributions of the Red Queen Series

The Red Queen series has contributed significantly to the cultural landscape and literary canon of young adult fantasy. Its complex characters, such as the lost silver princess, and the intricate political dynamics within its dystopian world have prompted readers to explore themes of justice and revolution, impacting the genre with its depth and relevance.

Thoughts on the Red Queen’s Royal Journey

The Red Queen series has taken readers on a tumultuous journey through the eyes of Mare Barrow and her comrades. From its gripping start to the epic conclusion, the saga has captivated audiences with its blend of fantasy and political intrigue, leaving a legacy that continues to influence new generations of readers.

Reflecting on the Series’ Evolution and Finale

Over the course of its evolution, the Red Queen series has grown in complexity, with characters like Mare Barrow and the exiled prince enduring trials that have shaped their destinies. The finale, offering an epic conclusion, leaves readers reflecting on the power of resilience and the high stakes of freedom’s fight.

The Significance of the Final Chapter

The final chapter of the Red Queen series brings a sense of closure to Mare’s journey, as Mare discovers truths that redefine her understanding of her world and herself. It’s a testament to Aveyard’s storytelling, where each character’s arc reaches a conclusion, resonating with the reader’s longing for justice and resolution.

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