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Hi, I’m Rhoda!

Libraries took the place of babysitters when I was growing up. Books have always meant solace and an escape.

The first time I found a Barnes and Noble, I was 17. It was in Pheonix, Arizona. I was obsessed.

In the past 19 years, there hasn’t been a single trip to the city without a visit to B&N for a coffee and browsing.

Date nights. Mommy-daughter trips. Rewards for the kids. Moments for reflection. Bookstores and libraries have my heart. Coffee just makes it that much better.

Why Coffee Clatter

There is just something peaceful yet energetic about coffee houses. I love to take my latest project or book to a coffee house and listen to the chatter and noise. When I find a bookstore that includes a coffee shop or cafe, I mark that as a special treat.

Booktalks happen in coffee shops all the time. Planned or unplanned.

This is a space to enjoy your favorite brew and join in the clatter and chatter about great reads.

What You’ll Find on the Coffee Clatter Site

My main focus for this blog is to provide reading inspiration to you while also giving you information and resources to make yummy lattes and beverages in the comfort of your own home. I provide author reading lists, book series in order lists, honest book reviews, book club questions, bookmarks, fun coffee recipes, and so much more. 

Reading Lists

I have reading lists detailing the complete works of popular authors such as Sarah J. Mass, JK Rowling, and Cassandra Claire as well as book series in order such as ACOTAR (A Court of Thorns and Roses), Game of Thrones, and Outlander.

Book Reviews

This will be a growing list. It isn’t that I haven’t already devoured most of the titles that are making the rounds. I just didn’t take the time to write about it. This site is changing that. This will be my own personal “stack of books” and TBR account.

Printables for You or Your Book Club

Check out The Catalogue and get printables for your own book journaling, checklists for reading books in order, and book club questions and goodies.


Where you can find me!

You can find and follow me on social media including Instagram and Pinterest.

For all other enquiries please email me: [email protected]

Tell your book besties!