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The sequence in which you discover Colleen Hoover’s novels can shape your understanding and appreciation of her evolving craft. For newcomers and seasoned fans, all of the Colleen Hoover books in order will make following her publication timeline much easier.

Her books, known for weaving profound emotional themes with romance, invite you on a chronological journey through love’s complex tapestry. By delving into each series and standalone novel in the order they were penned, you experience the full spectrum of Hoover’s literary prowess—from heart-rending beginnings to the mature, nuanced storytelling that defines her later work.

Introduction to Colleen Hoover’s Literary Journey

Colleen Hoover has captivated the hearts of readers worldwide with her enthralling narratives and unforgettable characters. As a New York Times bestselling author, she stands out in the landscape of contemporary literature, crafting stories that resonate with romance enthusiasts and a broader audience alike. This guide aims to present her impressive array of novels in the order they were published as well as provide you with a checklist to keep track of the books you have read, own, want to own, or that are included on your TBR list.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction to Colleen Hoover: An overview of the bestselling author renowned for her emotional and thematic depth in romance literature.
  • Benefits of Reading in Order: Understanding why exploring Hoover’s books chronologically enhances the reader’s experience and appreciation.
  • Navigating Hoover’s Collection: Guidance on embarking upon Hoover’s literary journey through her novels’ publication order.

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Colleen Hoover Books in Order by Series

Slammed Series:

  • Slammed (2012)
  • Point of Retreat (2012)
  • This Girl (2013)

Hopeless Series:

  • Hopeless (2012)
  • Losing Hope (2013)
  • Finding Cinderella (2013)
  • Finding Perfect (2019)

It Ends with Us Series:

  • It Ends with Us (2016)
  • It Starts with Us (2022)

Maybe Someday Series:

  • Maybe Someday (2014)
  • Maybe Not (2014)
  • Maybe Now (2018)

Never Never Series:

  • Never Never: Part One (2015)
  • Never Never: Part Two (2015)
  • Never Never: Part Three (2016)

Standalone Novels:

  • Ugly Love (2014)
  • Confess (2015)
  • November 9 (2015)
  • Too Late (2016)
  • It Ends with Us (2016)
  • Without Merit (2017)
  • All Your Perfects (2018)
  • Verity (2018)
  • Regretting You (2019)
  • Heart Bones (2020)
  • Layla (2020) (Read the Summary)
  • Reminders of Him (2022)


  • The Kiss (2014)
  • One More Step (2020)

The Debut Novel: Slammed (2012)


Slammed, Colleen Hoover’s inaugural flight into the literary world, marks the genesis of an illustrious storytelling career bathed in the hues of romance and the raw tinges of life’s challenges. It unfurls the tapestry of Layken and Will’s lives, two souls that converge in a rhythmic dance of attraction and obstacles. Hoover employs poetry not only as a narrative device but as the heartbeat of her characters, echoing the struggles and resonance of young love.

The narrative throws Layken into turmoil as she grapples with the untimely death of her father and the strains of relocation, only to find solace in Will, her enigmatic neighbor. Their connection blossoms, steeped in shared grief and poetic escape, until unveiled secrets test the mettle of their bond. Slammed is pivotal as it showcases Hoover’s deft hand at exploring themes like family, love’s complexities, and coming-of-age tribulations, all while dialoguing with the reader through a connected, empathetic lens.

Peering through the window of Hoover’s soul-stirring narratives, Slammed acts as a cornerstone laying the foundation for her future works. It whispers of vulnerabilities, strong yet fragile bonds, and the ceaseless quest for healing and understanding, motifs that Hoover continues to weave with finesse throughout her growing bibliography.

Point of Retreat (2012)


Point of Retreat picks up after the tumultuous events that defined Layken and Will’s burgeoning romance in ‘Slammed’. You’re immersed once again in their intense emotional journey as they grapple with the realities and responsibilities that life throws at them. This sequel reveals more layers to the characters’ personalities, showcasing Colleen Hoover’s talent for digging deep into the human experience and evoking sincere empathy from you, the reader.

Through the evolving relationship between Layken and Will, you will be able to witness the profound emotional growth that only true hardship can catalyze. Their story becomes a testament to resilience and the transformative power of love. This follow-up enriches the narrative, echoing the themes that Hoover’s readers have come to admire, and inviting you to delve further into the vulnerabilities and strengths that make us all human.

The sequel weaves a compelling tale that ensures you, as a reader, are not merely a bystander but an intimate confidant to the characters’ lives. Colleen Hoover’s ability as a storyteller shines, crafting a vivid world of relatable struggles and emotions. ‘Point of Retreat’ transforms individual characters’ journeys into shared experiences with you, inviting both personal reflection and a deeper connection with the narrative.

Hopeless (2012)


In Hopeless, Colleen Hoover invites you into the turbulent world of Sky, a teenager with a penchant for nocturnal stargazing and a complicated relationship with love. Dean Holder, a boy with an equally perplexing and intense presence, enters her life, flipping her world upside down. Together, they navigate the perilous waters of secrets and traumas that lay buried beneath the façade of normalcy.

Hoover crafts a narrative that interlaces love with the harsh threads of past wounds, echoing themes common throughout her repertoire. It’s not just about the romance between Sky and Dean, but about facing the shadows of bygone days and finding a path toward healing and resolution. Readers are lured into an emotional maze, one that Hoover navigates with precision and depth.

The impact of Hopeless on its audience extends beyond the confines of its pages, resonating with anyone who has ever grappled with the complexities of the past. The unabashed sincerity in Hoover’s portrayal of her characters’ internal battles contributed significantly to the book’s success, cementing its place as a cornerstone in her celebrated collection of contemporary romance literature.

Losing Hope (2013)


In Losing Hope, readers are offered a fresh lens through which to view the raw and poignant narrative first explored in Hopeless. The shift to Holder’s point of view unveils a new layer of emotional complexity, casting a light on his internal struggles and the profound impact of his past. This vantage point enriches the storyline, immersing you deeper into a world where pain and hope intertwine.

The unveiling of Holder’s experiences provides a comprehensive grasp of the events that shape the series. By delving into his psyche, you feel his turmoil and the weight of his secrets, each revelation pulling you closer to understanding the intricate web of his life. The revelations from Holder’s perspective act as key pieces of the narrative puzzle that were once out of reach, elevating both the story’s depth and its emotional resonance.

The insight gained from Losing Hope not only enhances the journey through the series but also amplifies your connection with the characters. As you navigate the complexities of Holder’s mind, you gain a profound empathy for his character. This nuanced portrayal of personal battles invites a deeper emotional investment, fortifying the bond between story and reader, and ensuring an unforgettable literary experience.

Maybe Someday (2014)


In Maybe Someday, readers encounter the intricate dynamics between Sydney and Ridge, characters bound by an invisible thread of melodies. Their bond forms uniquely through musical collaboration, intertwining their lives beyond the harmonies they create. This novel stands out in Colleen Hoover’s collection as it innovatively integrates an actual soundtrack, co-created with musician Griffin Peterson, to complement and enrich the narrative, allowing fans to experience the story on an immersive, sensory level.

The characters’ emotions and growth are punctuated by each song, crafting a multi-dimensional storytelling canvas that resonates deeply with readers. Ridge, being deaf, experiences music differently, adding layers of complexity to his interactions with Sydney, as well as to Hoover’s broader exploration of love and connection. It’s a testament to her skill in character development that readers feel every vibration in Ridge’s world as if it were their own.

Fans are passionate about the authenticity of the experiences depicted and have lauded Hoover for pushing the envelope in contemporary romance literature. This book pulls off an exquisite ballet of words and music, leaving an indelible mark on the heart and inspiring a fervent response from its audience. Music and prose merge to tell a tale that can be both read and heard, a true innovation in the genre.

Maybe Not (2014)


You might already be familiar with the gripping dynamic that ‘Maybe Someday’ brought into your reading world. Now imagine delving deeper into that universe with ‘Maybe Not,’ a novella that sheds light on the lives of two particularly intriguing side characters. While ‘Maybe Someday’ focuses on the poignant connection between Sydney and Ridge, ‘Maybe Not’ switches gears and offers a refreshing perspective on Warren and Bridgette.

Their relationship is not the typical love story you would expect from Colleen Hoover. These roommates exemplify a turbulent yet captivating interaction that veers away from cliched romantic passages and embarks on a more raw and real portrayal of connection. Warren, who you may recall as Ridge’s best friend, finds himself tangled in a complex relationship with the seemingly abrasive Bridgette. She’s not just a character thrown in for a narrative twist; she’s an enigma, crafted to challenge Warren’s easygoing nature.

Through this exploration, you get to understand more about the characters that complement Sydney and Ridge’s world. ‘Maybe Not’ is a testament to Hoover’s skill in fleshing out secondary characters and weaving them into the main narrative, making the Maybe universe richer and more intricate. By turning the spotlight on Warren and Bridgette, Hoover showcases her versatility in writing, proving that every character has a story that can captivate and provide a deeper understanding of the overall narrative. Their unexpected connection adds layers to the series, ensuring you’re not just invested in the protagonists but also in those who circle around them.

Never Never (2015)


You discover ‘Never Never,’ a series that stands out in Colleen Hoover’s repertoire. An intriguing mix of mystery and romance, the pages of this co-authored work grip you with the tale of Charlie Wynwood and Silas Nash. Childhood sweethearts now strangers, they wake up one day without a single memory of who they are or of their profound bond. You delve into their quest to uncover the truth behind their amnesia, a journey that is as much about rekindling lost love as it is about solving a bewildering puzzle.

This series marks a unique path, weaving a narrative far different from the raw emotional depths typically associated with Hoover’s novels. You revel in the collaboration with Tarryn Fisher, recognizing it as a refreshing venture into the labyrinth of the unknown. As you turn each page, Charlie and Silas’s story casts a spell, showcasing Hoover’s versatility and her ability to captivate through varied literary landscapes.

The allure of ‘Never Never’ lies not just in the romance, but in the lingering shadows and pressing questions that haunt the characters’ every step. You realize that this series positions itself distinctively within Hoover’s collection, as you find yourself equally entranced by the suspense as by the heartache that is her trademark.

It Ends With Us (2016)


It Ends With Us stands as a pivotal novel in Colleen Hoover’s esteemed career as it navigates the complexities of an abusive relationship with a compelling rawness that’s both heart-wrenching and introspective. Readers have widely acclaimed the book for its honest depiction of Lily’s difficult choices as she grapples with the turbulent dynamics between her desire for love and the necessity for self-preservation. The story’s candid exploration of domestic violence underscores Hoover’s bravery as a writer, unafraid to delve into the darker aspects of human experience while offering a nuanced perspective on survival and resilience.

The emotional resonance of It Ends With Us is amplified by the delicate care Hoover takes in crafting Lily’s journey. She does not shy away from the pain and reality of her protagonist’s struggles, fostering a strong connection with readers who find Lily’s story a stark echo of their own lives or the lives of those around them. This empathetic approach has fortified Hoover’s standing as an author who doesn’t just write stories but also provides a voice to unspoken truths, prompting a range of emotional reactions from her audience.

Colleen Hoover’s work in this novel transcends mere storytelling; it ignites conversations about difficult subjects and has been vital for many in processing their personal experiences. Her adept handling of sensitive topics within It Ends With Us does more than tell a story—it encourages healing and understanding, positioning Hoover not only as a purveyor of fiction but as a beacon for those seeking solace and strength through her words.

November 9 (2015)


November 9 marks a significant day in Colleen Hoover’s narrative universe. This standout novel weaves a tale of Ben and Fallon, two characters who meet annually on the same date, their lives unfolding in real-time and through the pages of Ben’s emerging novel. Emotions surge as each chapter of their lives inspires the next in Ben’s writing, blurring the lines between reality and fiction in a dance of art imitating life.

Hoover’s deft incorporation of metafictional elements shines as she explores the symbiotic relationship between the characters’ lives and the stories they inspire. Challenges surface when the truth of their intertwined lives threatens to derail the rosy narrative Ben has crafted. The angst and anticipation of waiting a full year for each encounter create a slow-burning tension that fuels the readers’ investment in Ben and Fallon’s journey.

The resonance of November 9 with romance readers, particularly those who dabble in writing, lies in its reflection of the creative process. Hoover captures the allure and pain of transforming personal experiences into art. Her characters echo the struggles of writers to separate fact from fiction, making this novel an enlightening read for anyone enchanted by the power of storytelling.

Confess (2015)


In Confess, Colleen Hoover merges the worlds of art and secrecy, crafting a narrative that paints a poignant picture of truth and deception. The story centers around Auburn Reed and Owen Gentry, two compelling characters whose lives intertwine through a series of anonymous confessions that Owen transforms into powerful art pieces. This innovative approach to storytelling underscores the enigmatic connection between honesty, vulnerability, and the creative process.

The novel takes you on a journey through the eyes of the protagonists as they navigate the complexities of their past and the uncertainties of their future. As Auburn delves deeper into Owen’s enigmatic presence and his heartfelt artwork, she confronts her own concealed truths. This intimate exploration of characters is bolstered by the raw confessions at the core of the novel, serving as a catalyst for the unfolding romance and drama.

Hoover’s narrative technique in Confess is distinct, integrating actual anonymous confessions contributed by real people into the story’s fabric. The inclusion of these true admissions sets this novel apart, blurring the lines between fiction and reality and offering readers a glimpse into the authentic human experience of bearing one’s soul through the veil of anonymity.

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Ugly Love (2014)


In Ugly Love, Colleen Hoover introduces us to Tate Collins and airline pilot Miles Archer, two individuals who encounter an undeniable mutual attraction. They agree to a relationship with only two rules: no questions about the past and no promise of a future. Despite their efforts to keep things simple, emotions run deep and the arrangement grows complicated. This narrative delves into the raw and messy aspects of love, demonstrating the pain and beauty that come when love refuses to be confined by rules.

Hoover’s exceptional talent lies in depicting scenes that resonate profoundly with readers’ own experiences of love’s complexities. Ugly Love does not shy away from showing the characters’ vulnerability, making their journey towards love and healing feel all the more genuine. Readers find themselves confronted with the feelings that are often left unspoken in real-life relationships, providing a cathartic release through the pages of this compelling story.

The novel stands as a shining example of Hoover’s compelling writing style, as she crafts a storyline that takes you through the highest highs and the lowest lows of a relationship gone awry. It signals her prowess in bringing forth the intricacies of human emotion, cementing her status as an author who has mastered the art of touching the hearts of those who venture into her literary world.

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Verity (2018)


‘Verity’ marks a striking departure for Colleen Hoover as she ventures from her standard romance narratives into the realm of thrillers. This provocative tale weaves the story of Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer who uncovers disturbing truths while sorting through the papers of Verity Crawford, a successful novelist incapacitated by injury. Lowen’s discoveries about Verity’s past send her spiraling into a web of deceit and moral quandaries, entangling her with Jeremy, Verity’s grieving husband.

Readers found themselves locked in debate, some applauding the riveting suspense, others missing the intense romantic focus they’d grown accustomed to. The novel stirred a significant discussion on the fluidity of genre boundaries and an author’s artistic license to explore the edges of their established domain.

The polarizing effect ‘Verity’ had within Hoover’s fan base illuminates the varied expectations of genre and the diverse desires of a readership constantly seeking innovative narratives. It challenges loyal fans to redefine their understanding of Hoover’s storytelling prowess as she bravely tackles new literary territories.

Verity Trigger Warnings

Verity Book Summary

All Your Perfects (2018)


In All Your Perfects, Colleen Hoover delves into the intricate weave of marriage, marked by the profound imperfections that couples face. The narrative revolves around Quinn and Graham, two characters bound by their flawed yet authentic love story. Exposing the raw and often unspoken struggles of long-term commitment, Hoover pens a powerful testament to the resilience required when vows are tested by time and tribulation.

This articulate portrayal of intimacy pulls back the curtain on the idealized facade of a perfect relationship, revealing the transformative power of facing hard truths together. The novel’s honest depiction resonates with anyone who has navigated the complexities of a shared life. All Your Perfects is a profound reflection on the enduring nature of love, with all its scars and beauty.

Why is this novel a must-read? It’s Hoover’s unflinching courage to present love in its totality, without sparing the pains and joys, that makes All Your Perfects an essential exploration of the heart’s capacity. Readers yearning for a connection to the visceral elements of love will find solace and validation in the realism that spills from each page.

Colleen Hoover’s Writing Style and Impact

Colleen Hoover grips her readers with prose that’s both powerful and unpretentious. Her characters emerge as living beings with complex personalities, flaws, and desires, allowing readers to form connections that run bone-deep. She does not shy away from the messiness of human emotions, capturing the intricacies of the heart with a raw honesty that resonates.

The characters that Hoover crafts do not exist in a vacuum; they interact with a world that’s thoroughly fleshed out, where actions have repercussions and pasts are as present as the reality on the page. This detail-oriented realism encourages a level of empathy that turns casual readers into devoted fans, each book promising a journey rich in growth and understanding.

The ripples of her influence are evident across the corners of contemporary literature. Hoover has redefined romance for a modern audience, blending traditional notions of love with contemporary issues. Her work invites discourse and reflection, fostering a breadth of thought that transcends genre boundaries and cements her as a progressive voice in romantic fiction.


Hoover’s Place in Modern Romance Literature

Colleen Hoover stands tall in the literary world, her name often intertwined with the redefining of modern romance. With each release, she cements her place as a New York Times bestselling author, crafting stories that resonate deeply with readers. Her narratives, brimming with raw emotions, navigate the complexities of love, loss, and resilience, striking chords with those who seek both escapism and reflection in fiction.

Her widespread acclaim stems from an authentic portrayal of human experiences, which often transcend the bounds of traditional romance. You will find her books marked with the emotional honesty and vulnerability that have become her signature. She doesn’t shy away from difficult topics, handling them with sensitivity and finesse that has garnered her a loyal following. Yet, as with any author whose star ascends quickly, Hoover has not evaded criticism. Some suggest her novels dip too frequently into traumatic experiences for dramatic effect. Despite this, her storytelling persists, seemingly more robust for the discourse around it.

As her bibliography grows, so does her influence on the genre’s evolution. She challenges the norms and expectations of romantic literature, diversifying her writing with elements of suspense and mystery that keep readers engaged and guessing. For many, Hoover has opened doors to new perspectives within a familiar framework, continuously proving her capability to evoke passion and provoke thought through the timeless art of storytelling.


Navigating The Bibliographical Labyrinth

Embarking on Colleen Hoover’s literary voyage? Start at the beginning. Wade through her collection book by book, in the sequence they were published. You’ll witness the evolution of her craftsmanship, the maturation of her characters, and the themes that echo across her work. It’s a chronological trek that promises a deeper appreciation for the nuances in her storytelling.

Why follow the publication trail? You see the writer’s growth, yes, but you also spot the threads that weave series to standalones. These connections, sometimes overt, often subtle, enrich the reading adventure, crafting a tapestry of fiction that’s uniquely Hoover. This is more than reading; it’s detective work, piecing together a grand, literary puzzle.

Submerging yourself in Hoover’s bibliography in order ensures a full immersion in her emotional depth. Each book is a step, each series a leap across the span of contemporary romance. With each progressive title, you join the legion of readers who have marched alongside Hoover from her auspicious debut to her latest crescendo.


The Art of Storytelling Through Series

Colleen Hoover crafts her series with a deliberate touch, weaving character developments and story arcs that unfold with each new book. You’ll witness her protagonists grow, often enduring heartache and triumph, as their journeys evolve page by page. This progression builds a profound connection between you and the characters, one that deepens with every sequel and spin-off.

Hoover’s adept construction of series acts as a canvas where each installment layers emotion and depth, creating a more immersive experience for you. The familiarity of returning characters and the anticipation of unresolved threads pull you back, eager for the next chapter in their lives. This continuity is a hallmark of Hoover’s storytelling, fostering a loyal readership devoted to every twist and turn.

Indeed, the series offers a unique charm that standalones can’t replicate. They allow you to spend extended time in worlds you’re not ready to leave, enduring alongside characters who’ve become like old friends. By crafting compelling series, Hoover ensures that once you step into the lives of her characters, you’re in for an unforgettable literary journey, eagerly awaiting the next book to release.

Hoover’s Standalone Novels and Their Singular Charm

Standalones Shine with Unique Stories: Colleen Hoover’s standalones, such as ‘Verity’ and ‘Ugly Love,’ dazzle with distinct narratives, unfettered by the continuity of her series works. These novels demonstrate Hoover’s nimble storytelling, as she delves into new territories of thematic exploration, character development, and readers’ expectations.

Distinctive Experiences Beyond Series: In contrast to the detailed worlds found in the series, standalones provide a conciseness that can be appealing. Readers find complete stories encapsulated in a single volume, which may allow for a more intense, focused emotional journey through the characters’ lives.

Different Layers of Connection: While a series allows for long-term character growth and plot evolution, a standalone like ‘Verity,’ a psychological thriller, or ‘Ugly Love,’ a stirring love narrative, offers a solitary space for readers to connect with a fresh set of complexities, savoring each story as a separate entity that clings to their heart and mind.


Exploring Themes of Love, Loss, and Healing

In Colleen Hoover’s novels, the enduring motifs of love, loss, and healing deeply resonate with readers. Love is intricately portrayed, showcasing its beauty and the turmoil it can usher into lives. Characters often grapple with the loss of loved ones, dreams, or past versions of themselves, which is a universal sorrow familiar to many.

Through this exploration, Hoover delves into the process of healing. Her narrative embraces the hardships of life’s journeys but also heralds the redemptive power of moving forward. This emotional odyssey elicits a profound sense of connection and catharsis, as readers find solace in the parallels between the characters’ experiences and their own.

The intimacy of these themes forges a powerful link between Hoover’s writing and her audience. You can’t help but feel the characters’ heartaches and triumphs as your own. It’s this authenticity that creates an immersive and healing reading experience, often culminating in a personal reflection and growth alongside the closing of the book’s pages.

The Evolving Reader-Author Relationship

Colleen Hoover’s connection with her readers extends beyond the pages of her books. Social media has facilitated a two-way conversation where she engages with her audience directly. Your interaction with her on these platforms can shape the narratives she crafts, as your feedback often resonates in the minds of writers.

Over time, a robust community of fans has bloomed, united by a shared passion for her storytelling. You, as part of this community, might find solace, inspiration, and camaraderie within this space. It’s a place where your experiences with her characters and tales can be shared and validated by others who journey through her bibliographical world.

The author-reader relationship Hoover fosters has evolved considerably throughout her career. Each new release not only adds to her growing bibliography but also to this intricate tapestry of interaction. As you invest emotionally in her characters’ lives, Hoover, in turn, invests in the community that cherishes her work, exemplifying a reciprocal relationship rare in the literary world.

Fan Favorites and Hidden Gems

Colleen Hoover’s novels have earned a permanent spot in the hearts of readers worldwide, and some have risen to the pinnacle of adoration. It Ends With Us is revered not only for its candid portrayal of challenging relationships but also for the powerful resonances it strikes. Ugly Love grips readers with its raw depiction of the complexities of love. Additionally, the enthralling narrative of Verity captivates those who delve into its pages, with its thrilling departure from Hoover’s typical romance genre.

Yet, beyond these beloved bestsellers lies a treasure trove of stories that are just as poignant and compelling. Titles like Without Merit explore the imperfections and struggles within a seemingly ordinary family, offering a unique perspective on the nuance of personal growth. November 9, another hidden gem, intertwines fate and fiction in a romance that challenges the boundaries between life and art. These less overtly celebrated works are testaments to Hoover’s versatility and deft touch in crafting emotionally rich tales.

You’ll find that delving into the broader range of Hoover’s works can unveil new layers of understanding the human experience and the art of storytelling. Each book offers a distinct journey filled with emotions, reflections, and revelations that might be missed if one only skims the surface of her bibliography. So, venture beyond the chart-toppers; you might uncover a story that speaks to you in unexpected ways, broadening your perspective on Colleen Hoover’s literary mastery.

Upcoming Releases: What to Anticipate

You’ve soaked in the emotional rollercoasters, navigated complex characters, and reveled in Colleen Hoover’s eloquent prose. Now, the excitement builds as the horizon gleams with fresh pages from her imaginative realm. Eager aficionados of Hoover’s narratives eagerly anticipate her next release, hoping for yet another journey through the intricacies of love, heartache, and redemption.

With each novel, readers have come to expect immersive storytelling woven with deep relational threads. The anticipation is just as fervent as the storylines you’ve cherished. While we await specifics on new plots and book teasers, whispers of upcoming publications spark conversations filled with speculation and high hopes.

If you track release dates as diligently as Hoover crafts her protagonists, keep attentive for official announcements. New entries to her bibliography promise to bring the emotional depth and enthralling dialogue synonymous with her name. As readers, you can look forward to these future works, ready to embark on novel explorations of the human experience. Hoover’s forthcoming tales are primed to become the next exquisite layers to her already impressive literary tapestry.


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Get the checklist for Colleen Hoover’s books in order as well as other printables.

The Last Chapter: Your Hoover Reading Checklist

Embarking on Colleen Hoover’s literary journey promises a unique exploration of the human heart, with each novel offering a new perspective on love, loss, and self-discovery. By delving into her books chronologically, you build an intimate understanding of Hoover’s growth as an author, witnessing the evolution of her storytelling prowess. You gain insight into how earlier themes bloom and interlace with the complex emotional tapestries of her later works.

For those ready to immerse in Hoover’s universe, here’s your checklist:

  • Begin With ‘Slammed’: Lay the foundation of your journey with Hoover’s inaugural book to appreciate the origins of her thematic focus.
  • Follow Character Arcs: Progress through the series in order, allowing the growth and pains of beloved characters to resonate deeply with you.
  • Seek Out Standalone Novels: Between series, intersperse standalones to savor Hoover’s range in tackling various dimensions of storytelling.
  • Embrace Emotional Waves: Equip yourself with an open heart to fully experience the cathartic power of love, heartache, and healing that Hoover masterfully conveys.
  • Join the Reader Community: Engage with fellow enthusiasts to share insights and support as you navigate the often intense emotional landscapes of Hoover’s narratives.
  • Anticipate New Releases: Keep abreast of Hoover’s upcoming works and join the collective anticipation; every new release is an opportunity for fresh connections and reflections.

Gift yourself the pleasure of experiencing each nuance of Colleen Hoover’s bibliography. Begin or continue your reading adventure today and witness how her stories change you slightly with each page turned. Share your experiences, discuss your revelations, and invite others to discover the profound impact of these must-read novels.

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