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Book Summary: Confess by Colleen Hoover

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Step into the world of “Confess” by Colleen Hoover, where the revelations of a deep secret set the course for an enthralling love story. Imagine discovering a narrative that merges the vivid strokes of art with the hidden intricacies of the heart. It’s a tale that promises to pull at your emotions and present you with the complexities of love wrapped in layers of confessions.

Prepare to embark on a journey through a book where each confession has the power to alter everything you thought you understood about love. In “Confess,” you’ll find yourself immersed in a romance that’s as unpredictable as it is passionate, a story that not only answers your lingering questions about the quest for love but also asks you to consider the weight of secrets and their consequences.


Quick Details

  • Recognition: Crowned as a New York Times bestseller; 2015 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance.
  • Literary Genre: Falls within the contemporary romance category.
  • Common Themes: Involves a love triangle, complexities of the heart.
  • Content Notices: Addressed to those of mature age, contains sensitive subjects including addiction and various forms of assault.
  • Suitability: Advised for readers 18+ due to adult content.
  • Intensity of Romance: Features mild spice, rating at 1.5 out of a possible 5.

In “Confess,” you meet Auburn, a character recovering from substantial loss, navigating a path with no margin for mistakes. Her life takes a twist when she encounters Owen, an intriguing artist, while seeking employment at his art studio. An instant connection is felt, but Owen harbors a secret potent enough to upend Auburn’s delicate equilibrium. Complicating matters is Trey, whose animosity towards Owen and interest in Auburn further entangles the web of affections.

As a story rich with author Colleen Hoover’s signature swift storytelling and deep character insights, “Confess” is endowed with just enough romance to whet the palate without overwhelming, alongside plot twists that will catch you by surprise.

If you’re a devotee of Hoover’s narratives or a lover of romances with depth, this book might just be your next favorite read.

Synopsis of “Confess” by Colleen Hoover

The Conclusion Unveiled

You’re about to step into the climactic revelations of Colleen Hoover’s “Confess,” where the intricacies of the plot unravel, bringing light to the hidden truths and delivering a compelling resolution for the characters you’ve been following.

Spoiler alert: This segment reveals key plot turns.

Auburn Reed, in a bid to take the reins of her life and secure custody of her child, AJ, faces the web of complications that Owen Gentry, an artist, brings into her life—though in a rather serendipitous and romantic encounter.

As Owen serves his sentence, misunderstanding and sacrifice are set in motion: Owen decides to protect his father’s reputation by concealing the truth about the drug charges, leading to his imprisonment, while Auburn finds herself entangled with Trey, her late boyfriend’s brother, seeing him as a stepping stone to reuniting with her son.

Upon Owen’s early release, the spark between him and Auburn reignites. They share a night of passion, a decision Auburn battles with internally, given her existing arrangement with Trey. This leads to a confrontation where Trey, in a controlled rage, oversteps all bounds of decency with Auburn. A timely intervention by her roommate, Emory, halts the assault, igniting a series of confessions.

Auburn, armed with unwavering resolve and a recording that exposes Trey’s violent tendencies, corners Lydia, Trey’s mother, into a legal corner. Forced with no other option, Lydia relinquishes custody of AJ, and Trey, to preserve his police career, is coerced into freeing Owen.

The novel’s epilogue rewinds five years, shedding light on Owen’s history with Auburn, an accidental witness to her poignant farewells to Adam. Owen’s altercation with Trey, a memory etched in time, fuels their longstanding animosity.

In a full-circle moment, Auburn discovers Owen was the anonymous artist behind the painting Adam had sent her—a symbol of their love and his presence in her life all along. With the truth unveiled, Auburn, Owen, and AJ begin to sculpt a new chapter together as a family, their love and connection the foundation for their joint future.


Commonly Asked Questions

  • What is the plot of “Confess”?

    “Confess” weaves a tale around Auburn, a dedicated mother fighting for her son’s custody, Owen, a mysterious artist with a concealed connection to Auburn, and Trey, the brother of Auburn’s late previous boyfriend who is pivotal in the custody dispute.

  • Is Auburn a parent in the book?

    Indeed, Auburn is a mother to AJ, whose father is her late boyfriend, Adam.

  • What content warnings accompany the novel?

    Be mindful that “Confess” addresses themes such as substance dependency, life-threatening illnesses, and both physical and sexual violence, alongside the challenges of a custody court case.

  • What is Owen’s revelation to Auburn?

    Owen discloses that the prescription medications that led to his arrest were actually his father’s, who battles with addiction.

  • Does the narrative of “Confess” conclude on a positive note?

    The story concludes positively, with Auburn winning the custody of her son, Owen being freed, and their reunion. Additionally, a heartwarming secret surfaces: Owen’s connection to Auburn extends back to Adam’s last days, having been the artist behind the paintings Adam sent to Auburn.

Is it on Your TBR?

In uncovering the layers of this romantic tale, you’ve witnessed a story that fuses emotional complexity with undeniably engaging dynamics. The narrative takes you through unexpected turns, seamlessly blending romance with elements that resonate with depth and reality—such as the challenging aspects of dealing with addiction and the intricacies of legal struggles over custody.

Should you be acquainted with Hoover’s storytelling, this book will feel like a familiar journey with its rhythmic energy and the occasional hint of intensity. If you appreciate romances that are both heated and heartfelt, this novel could be a satisfying addition to your collection.

And if you’re always on the lookout for hidden gems, you might be intrigued to discover that this captivating narrative has also inspired a screen adaptation. Enjoy a visual glimpse of the story’s essence by seeking out the trailer.

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