Book Summary: Verity by Colleen Hoover

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Imagine being handed the job opportunity of a lifetime, one that involves stepping into the shoes of a successful author to complete their remaining works. This is precisely the situation that the protagonist finds themselves in, within Colleen Hoover’s enthralling blend of thriller and romance in her novel “Verity.” As you embark on this literary journey, you’ll uncover layers of complexity in a story that deftly combines the allure of aspiration with the chilling twists of darker truths.

As you unravel the narrative of “Verity,” you’ll become entwined in the protagonist’s intricate web of choices, where the lines between professional opportunity and personal discovery blur. The dream job, steeped in unexpected revelations, will challenge your notions of success and ambition as the protagonist navigates the enigmatic legacy left behind by the author whose life they are tasked to chronicle.

verity colleen hoover summary


Venture into the compelling narrative of “Verity,” where you follow Lowen Ashleigh, an author stepping into a complex situation. Tasked with completing a hit book series, she enters the home of Verity Crawford, the incapacitated original author. Amidst this professional challenge, Lowen uncovers an unsettling autobiographical draft revealing Verity’s harrowing secrets. As she navigates this discovery, she unexpectedly finds herself drawn to Jeremy, Verity’s spouse. This psychological thriller weaves a tale of attraction, mystery, and hidden truths as you delve into Lowen’s intertwined personal and professional life.

Detailed Plot Summary

In the unfolding narrative of Verity, you’re introduced to Lowen Ashleigh, a writer navigating a complex new job. She steps into the shoes of Verity Crawford, a best-selling author incapacitated by a tragic accident, to finish a series of novels dubbed The Noble Virtues. As you settle into Verity’s home to sift through her notes, unsettling truths begin to surface about the author’s family and past.

Existing alongside Verity—who is under constant care—are her husband Jeremy, their son Crew, and a nurse named April. Your proximity to the family uncovers a developing affection between you and Jeremy, which grows amidst the eerie tension of the house. You also start to suspect that Verity might be conscious, feigning her vegetative state.

Diving into Verity’s book series, which notably features an antagonist’s perspective, you stumble upon a chilling autobiographical manuscript penned by Verity herself. It reveals a twisted side of her, exposing her deep-seated resentment towards her daughters. The manuscript further details Verity’s preference for her daughter Chastin over Harper and her dark forebodings about the siblings’ future.

In a heartbreaking turn of the manuscript, it is confessed that Chastin’s death was not an accident but caused by Verity. What’s more, Harper’s subsequent demise was a calculated act by Verity; she drowns Harper while saving Crew during a boating incident.


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The dilemma of whether to share this manuscript with Jeremy plagues you, especially as a romantic relationship blossoms between the two of you. However, when it seems Verity may be aware of her surroundings, your instinct to protect Jeremy and Crew compels you to reveal the manuscript’s contents.

Confronted with the truth, Verity confesses to the pretense just as Jeremy’s anger boils over, resulting in her tragic demise that is made to appear as an accident. In the ensuing months, you and Jeremy move forward with life, now expecting a child and preparing to sell the house.

In a final twist, a letter penned by Verity is uncovered during the move. It casts doubt over everything, implying the manuscript was merely an exercise in writing villainy for her books and suggesting her accident was orchestrated by Jeremy due to his knowledge of the manuscript’s existence.

You make the heavy choice to destroy the letter, leaving you to grapple with the ambiguous reality of Verity’s life and intentions. What is the truth of Verity Crawford? That is left for you to ponder, even as the pages come to a close.

Evaluating the Book

Should You Read It?

Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Suspense Level: If you’re the type who relishes a story with enough suspense to keep you turning the pages, this is up your alley.
  • Twist Factor: A solid plot twist awaits, and if you appreciate a good surprise that changes everything, you’ll find it gratifying.
  • Graphic Content: The depiction of intimate scenes is explicit. This may either enhance your reading experience or serve as a deterrent, depending on your preferences.

“Verity” veers away from Colleen Hoover’s typical genre, steering into the waters of a thriller-mystery with a romantic undertone. You’ll follow Lowen Ashley, a writer stepping into another’s shoes to complete a series only to uncover chilling truths. The atmosphere Hoover creates is intense and compelling. However, the ending might stretch your suspension of disbelief, with certain character actions feeling a bit forced to fit the plot.

If a blend of thrilling mystery with a dash of romance appeals to you, this might be a perfect pick.

Insights With Light Spoilers

Proceed with caution; mild spoilers ahead.

The climax of “Verity” is bound to be a topic of discussion. You’re led to question the reliability of what’s presented to you, creating a tumult of what’s true and what’s not. The reveal concerning an exercise in writing from the perspective of an antagonist is quite the clever ruse by Hoover.

Yet, some elements might raise your eyebrows. For instance, the much-discussed manuscript triggers an unexpected reaction from Jeremy that seems disconnected from his prior knowledge. And then there’s the intriguing plot point about Verity feigning her condition—is it too far-fetched?

Table debate aside, you might find these incongruities pulling you out of the story’s grip, or they might not hinder your enjoyment at all. Ultimately, it’s about your leap of faith into the fictional realm Hoover weaves.

Book Facts at a Glance:

  • Initial Release: December 10, 2018
  • Length: 324 pages
  • Reader’s Approval: Rated 4.33 by users on Goodreads

Book Excerpt

In the midst of financial woes, Lowen Ashleigh, an author facing tough times, lands an opportunity that could turn her luck around. Jeremy Crawford, spouse of acclaimed writer Verity Crawford, recruits Lowen to finish a series of books Verity can no longer continue due to an injury.

During her time at the Crawford household, Lowen embarks on a task to sift through Verity’s extensive notes. What she doesn’t foresee finding is a draft of an autobiography that Verity intended to remain private. This document holds startling confessions, especially concerning the events of the day Verity’s daughter passed away.

Lowen grapples with the ethical dilemma of whether to share the revealing autobiography with Jeremy. The secrets within the manuscript have the power to disrupt the grieving husband’s perception of his wife. With growing affections for Jeremy, Lowen contemplates how this information could influence her own future, as acknowledging such grim truths might sever Jeremy’s attachment to Verity.

Why Keep It Hidden?

  • The autobiography contains shocking revelations.
  • It could profoundly affect the already sorrowful Jeremy.
  • Lowen’s future could pivot depending on her choice.

Remember that lives and stories are often tangled in a web of moral choices. As you navigate through Lowen’s discoveries, you’ll find yourself questioning what you would do in her shoes.

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