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Book Summary: Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

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You enter the world of “Reminders of Him” by Colleen Hoover, where the poignant strains of love and loss twine together to tell a heartrending tale. You’ll meet a young woman whose quest for redemption takes you through the depths of sorrow and the pinnacles of hope. Recently released from prison after a devastating incident, she’s grappling with the complexities of reuniting with the daughter she left behind.

Your journey with her is laced with battles for custody, the challenge of confronting a past that haunts her, and the intimate struggle for forgiveness in a small town. Follow her story as it unfolds, revealing the transformative power of love and the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Reminders of Him: A Novel


At 26 years old, Kenna Rowan reenters the world with the weight of past mistakes upon her shoulders. Having served time for a tragic driving incident that claimed her boyfriend’s life, she carries the hope of reconnecting with her young daughter, raised by grieving grandparents who are unable to forgive.

Amidst this, Kenna’s path crosses with Ledger, once her boyfriend’s confidante, now a pillar in her daughter’s upbringing. The narrative weaves through themes of remorse and the quest for redemption, challenging you to explore the complexities of reconciling with a painful past and seeking a future where forgiveness might blossom.

Detailed Plot Summary

After serving time for a tragic drunk driving incident that resulted in her boyfriend’s demise, Kenna Rowan returns to her hometown. Her primary motivation is to regain custody of her child, currently being raised by her late boyfriend’s parents, the Landrys. Despite facing barriers to re-entering her daughter’s life, including the Landrys’ strong opposition, Kenna remains determined.

Kenna’s path crosses with Ledger, a man with close ties to her past as Scotty’s best friend, though they had never met before. Their unexpected connection deepens into a romantic relationship, confronting both with complex emotions and difficult truths.

As the story unravels, it’s revealed that on the ill-fated night, Kenna mistakenly believed Scotty died instantly. After their vehicle crashed on a secluded road, her disorientation from injuries and an inability to locate a phone prevented her from seeking immediate help, leading to unintended consequences.

The standoff with the Landrys reaches a critical point when they discover Ledger’s secret interactions with Kenna and react with outrage. Yet, Ledger bridges the gap by offering Kenna’s heartfelt letter expressing her love for Scotty and clarifying the night’s harrowing events. This act of vulnerability leads to a breakthrough, as the Landrys reconcile with the truth and extend forgiveness to Kenna.

In the end, harmony is restored. Kenna becomes a part of her daughter’s life, and we witness a glimpse into her future with Ledger, now parents to a son whom they name after Scotty, knitting together a family united by forgiveness and second chances.

Reviewing the Book

Points of Praise and Remarks


  • The narrative is well-constructed with consistent pacing.
  • It presents a heartwarming, credible romantic story arc.
  • It excels within its intended genre, delivering on emotional impact.


  • The plot progresses along an anticipated path, offering few surprises.
  • Certain language choices in the portrayal of the protagonist raise questions about character representation.

Decision Time: Engage or Pass?

If you’re drawn to stories that tug at the heartstrings, then “Reminders of Him” might just be a match for you. The romantic element is crafted with care, drawing you into a sweet and believable relationship between the characters. It reads smoothly, thanks to proficient writing, ensuring that you’re turning the pages out of eagerness rather than effort.

However, if you’re searching for a read with unexpected twists and profound intellectual stimulation, you may want to look elsewhere. This book is straightforward in its genre—a sentimental, romantic tale that doesn’t aspire to the complexities of highbrow literature.

For followers of Colleen Hoover’s work, this book is likely to be another cherished addition. If you’re contemplating whether Colleen Hoover’s writing style aligns with your tastes, this novel could serve as a good starting point.

Book Excerpt

  • Pages: 336
  • Genre: Fiction with a romantic core.
  • Tone: Engaging with a moving narrative.

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