Ultimate List: 50 Bookish Stores & Shops for Book Merch

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Immersed in the charm of page-filled shelves and the faint scent of print, bookish stores beckon bibliophiles and enthusiasts of the written word into their cozy confines. Across corners and cities, these sanctuaries for literary aficionados serve dual roles, nurturing both the solitary act of reading and the collective vibrancy of literary merch and events.

The Allure of Bookish Stores

As havens of solace, bookstores offer a retreat to those who find companionship in characters and wisdom within narratives, while simultaneously acting as lively community hubs where conversations flow as freely as coffee and ideas spark amidst the stacks. These emporia are not mere retailers of texts; they are treasured havens that curate unique literary experiences and foster a book-loving culture.

The following shops are great places to find bookish merch (bookish merchandise). I will continue adding to this list over time as new bookish shops pop up every day. This is a resource you can bookmark and come back to time and again to check for updated stores to browse.

Keep on scrolling to begin shopping from some seriously fantastic bookish shops! Check them all out below. (If you would like me to rep one of your book products or have a suggestion for the list, please leave a comment below or send me an email).


Key Takeaways:

  • Unique Cultural Havens: Bookstores are cultural cornerstones that provide a communal space for readers to gather and share ideas.
  • More Than Retail: These stores transcend traditional commerce by offering curated literary experiences and niche events for the reading community.
  • Curators of Literary Delight: Independent bookshops shine in their role as selectors of both mainstream tales and undiscovered literary gems.

The Independent Bookstore Renaissance

Local bookshops have experienced a notable resurgence, becoming favored destinations for those who appreciate the tactile pleasure of printed works. The surge in popularity reflects the community’s desire to support local businesses and contribute positively to the economy. These vibrant havens for readers offer more than mere transactions; they foster cultural enrichment and serve as sanctuaries for literary enthusiasts. Each visit promises personal interactions, carefully curated selections, and the joy of discovering fresh literary treasures. Independent bookstores have indeed transcended their traditional commercial role, morphing into cornerstone institutions of a thriving reading culture.

The Delightful Bookstore Cafe

Combining the joy of losing oneself in a novel with the comforting ritual of sipping a warm beverage, bookstore cafes create a unique oasis for aficionados of both literature and coffee. They create an ambiance that encourages an afternoon of bookish things to do. These welcoming spaces add a vibrant layer to a store’s ambiance, attracting an eclectic mix of patrons drawn by the scent of freshly brewed coffee and the promise of new literary escapes. The bookstore cafe emerges as a welcoming social haven, where book discussions flow as freely as the coffee that fuels them, books are available for purchase as well as bookish things.


Gifts for the Bookish at Heart

Exploring a bookish shop unveils a trove of treasures tailor-made for avid readers. These charming havens stock an array of gifts that go beyond mere pages. Whether it’s intricately designed bookmarks, literature-inspired décor, or artisanal journals, each item promises to enchant any bibliophile. Shopping at these local gems supports the community and nurtures a love for the written word. Delight in the pleasure of selecting a one-of-a-kind gift that truly speaks to the heart of any book lover. Most of these shops are for the bookish USA consumers. There are a few that are international and will ship to the USA.

Novel Grounds

Visitors can expect to find a vibrant array of novel-inspired merchandise, ranging from enchanting mugs, lit-themed coffee flavors to bespoke apparel, all designed to enhance the reading experience. This destination celebrates the joy of literature through its selection of unique bookish items, each echoing the magic of the written word.


Book Chic Boutique

Shoppers can find everything from elegant bookmarks to stylish book sleeves that promise to protect cherished novels. Each product in their collection is designed to add a dash of sophistication to any bibliophile’s reading experience.

Bookish Wonder

They cater to those eager to express their love for stories with an array of products ranging from enchanting bookmarks to stylish literary apparel. Each carefully selected item aims to deepen the connection between readers and the books they cherish.


The Dear Writer Co

The Dear Writer Co delights customers with a unique blend of handmade journals and bookish stationery designed to enchant any writer or reader. These lovingly crafted products aim to inspire creativity and capture the imaginations of those who cherish the written word. Licensed book-themed sweatshirts and t-shirts.


Their collection includes cleverly designed t-shirts, tank tops, and other bookish clothes that celebrate famous literary quotes and characters, catering to fans who want to wear their book pride on their sleeves.


The Bookish Goods

Visitors discover exclusive items ranging from bespoke bookmarks to stylish tote bags, each designed to celebrate the joy of literature. The shop’s focus on crafting a unique reading experience extends to its line of novel-inspired apparel, inviting book lovers to outwardly express their literary passions.

Janzy Wax Co

Each candle bursts with unique fragrances meant to transport bibliophiles into their favorite fictional realms. Book lovers can indulge in these scented treasures, creating an immersive reading experience from the comfort of their reading nooks.


The Bookish Shop

This online destination offers a diverse range of products, including apparel adorned with book-themed designs, accessories showcasing famous literary quotes, and subscription boxes filled with curated goods for readers. Each item is carefully selected to enhance the reading experience and celebrate a love for literature.

Wicked Whimsy Boutique

Visitors to their online shop discover a treasure trove of themed merchandise, including vibrant apparel, unique enamel pins, and decorative items. Every piece is designed to spark joy and immerse customers in the whimsical world of storytelling.


The Seasonal Pages

Their unique items, infused with a distinct literary charm, make ideal gifts for readers and book lovers alike. Prints, keychains, pins, magnets, bookmarks and more.

Steeped in Lore Co

This bookish New England shop specializes in offering an array of handcrafted items, including enchanting candles and imaginative bookmarks, which promise to enhance any literary experience with their thoughtful designs and fine quality.


Lit Love Box

Each package is thoughtfully compiled with engaging reads and an assortment of book-themed items, promising a delightful experience to its subscribers. Relax and unwind in a wonderful world of fiction and bliss. snacks + beverages. self-care. home decor. wearables. books. Choose from a selection of newly released books every month.

Library Lights

They blend thematic scents to create a sensory experience that complements your favorite books, providing an extra layer of immersion into the fictional worlds you explore. Each candle is crafted in Canada with careful attention to detail, making them perfect gifts for book enthusiasts or as a charming addition to any bibliophile’s collection.



Storiarts offers a unique collection of literature-themed apparel and bookish accessories that celebrate classic books. Visitors will find scarves, gloves, and tote bags adorned with text from beloved novels, allowing book enthusiasts to showcase their literary passion with stylish and functional items.

Romantasy Designs

Among their creations are stunning jewelry and delightful home décor, each piece thoughtfully fashioned to capture the essence of beloved literary worlds and characters. They create book-inspired gifts for readers, including apparel, home decor, stationery and accessories. Designed and shipped from our studio in Merseyside, England, all the products in the store are inspired by our favorite fantasy books. Each product is hand-designed and completely unique. You won’t find their designs anywhere else.


Willow and Quill Shop

They present a selection of handcrafted goods perfect for any bibliophile. Their offerings include beautifully designed bookmarks, custom book sleeves, and an array of other literary-themed items. Each product brings a touch of elegance and practicality for readers looking to enhance their literary adventures. Select a “blind date with a book” listing and pair a book with some fun merch.

Caffeine and Curses

This shop specializes in handcrafted items that evoke a bookish charm, from mugs with witty quotes for coffee enthusiasts to enchanting accessories that reflect a passion for storytelling.”At Caffeine and Curses we believe that bookworms should represent their favourite books in style. We do this by taking today’s trends and making them bookish to keep your obsession with fictional worlds alive, and your reading slump at bay.


Juniper Daisy Design

This Etsy shop specializes in handcrafted items with a particular focus on bookish goods. From aesthetically pleasing bookmarks to ingeniously designed reading accessories, each product is crafted to enhance the reading experience while also serving as a delightful piece of art.

Literary Lip Balms

Their products, often infused with natural ingredients, aim to soothe and nourish lips while celebrating classic literature. This store attracts readers and beauty enthusiasts alike, looking for a touch of literary charm in their daily routine. Handmade in Ireland. They ship worldwide.


Fiction Bath Co.

The only thing that pairs better than coffee and a book, is a book and a bath. Fiction Bath Co. invites readers to indulge in bath products inspired by beloved literary works. They create a line of handcrafted soaps, bath bombs, and other bathing essentials, each designed to evoke the themes, characters, or settings of specific novels. Their fragrant and aesthetically pleasing products offer an immersive experience for any book lover looking to unwind and escape into the pages of their favorite story.

Fandom Sleeves

The shop’s tailored offerings range from vibrant, themed patterns to subtle designs, each resonating with a reader’s personal taste and love for literature. It’s a go-to destination for adding a touch of personality to one’s book collection while ensuring its longevity.


Blissfully Bookish

Its offerings embrace T-shirts, hoodies, and accessories, each emblazoned with book-themed graphics and quotes. This store beckons lovers of literature to exhibit their passion through wearable art.

Book Lover Gifts

From thoughtfully crafted bookmarks and cozy reading socks to decorative totes featuring beloved quotes, this shop provides a treasure trove of novel mementos. Whether for a casual reader or a certified bookworm, their catalog promises a fitting tribute to the joy of literature.


Lit Haven Booktique

Addicted to books? Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many versions of the same book we have on our shelf. If we love it, we need it! Offering exclusive hand-picked books, enchanting literary-themed candles, and a whimsical array of stationery, this shop is a perfect stop for those who crave a sprinkle of fantasy with their reading experience.

Pickled Stamps

The shop boasts a repertoire of distinctive designs that cater to a variety of tastes, ensuring that every book lover finds something special to stamp their favorite reads. Their customizable embosser library stamps can create impressions that amplifies your love for literature and showcases your unique library collection. From antique tomes to contemporary novels, our personalized embosser stamps add a touch of timeless beauty that will make your bookshelf a conversation starter and your library a treasure trove of literary art. 


Blind Date with a Book

This approach adds an element of surprise and anticipation for readers, encouraging them to discover new genres and authors. Each bookish book box is a mystery waiting to be unveiled, reaffirming books as treasures in their own right.


Their Etsy shop offers an array of items including book page wreaths, literary-inspired wall art, and handcrafted ornaments that celebrate the love of reading. Customers can find unique pieces to adorn their personal libraries or give as gifts to fellow book enthusiasts.


Bookishly Co.

Bookishly Co. presents a treasure trove for literary enthusiasts, offering a specially curated collection of classic books with exclusive covers, art prints, and stationery. Their creations seek to merge literature with artistry, making them the perfect haven for those seeking novel gifts inspired by the written word.

Ideal Bookshelf

This unique shop offers beautifully crafted bookishly prints, capturing the spines of books that have shaped cultural conversations and personal reading journeys. Each piece allows readers to showcase their literary loves as part of their home decor, making Ideal Bookshelf a perfect blend of artistry and bookish pleasure.


Nerdy Ink

Their inventory takes fans into magical realms with items perfect for personalizing one’s library or gifting to fellow bibliophiles. Custom dust jackets for all your favorite book series.

Book Beau

This innovative store specializes in creating sturdy, beautifully designed sleeves that safeguard books from wear and tear. Each sleeve boasts vibrant colors and themes, perfect for readers looking to add a touch of personality to their book collection. From sleek mini sizes to larger, tablet-friendly versions, Book Beau offers a variety of sizes to fit the diverse needs of readers on the go.


Literary Emporium

Bibliophiles can find a curated selection of jewelry, stationery, and apparel, each adorned with quotes and imagery from beloved literary works. Literary Emporium Ltd is a family-run business creating gifts for book lovers including jewelry, stationery, and clothing. With a design studio located in the Somerset countryside, we take inspiration from classic literature and beautiful words to bring a range of literary-themed gifts for bookworms and bibliophiles.

Sunni Rae Art

Handcrafted pieces include delightful bookmarks and art prints that bring a touch of magic to any reading nook. Commissioned artwork, illustrated inserts for popular books, and sticker collections.


Piper and Ivy

Their collection, centered around literary love, features unique pieces from comfortable tees with bookish quotes to accessories that accentuate a book lover’s style. This boutique is a treasure trove for readers seeking to wear their bibliophilia with pride.

Wick Wish

Each hand-poured creation blends an enticing mix of aromas, designed to evoke scenes, characters, and themes from beloved books. These aromatic masterpieces serve to kindle the senses, providing a perfect accompaniment for immersive reading sessions and enhancing any book lover’s shelf.


Inkwell Threads

Visitors will discover carefully designed items that celebrate the joy of reading, perfect for extending their love of books into their personal style.

Rose and Adder

Each thematic fragrance aims to transport one’s senses to the realms of fantasy and whimsy, perfect for readers looking to immerse themselves in the atmospheres of their favorite stories.


Mida Apparel

Visitors are treated to a collection of items designed for those who harbor a deep devotion to the written word. The merchandise includes creatively crafted apparel featuring book-themed designs, allowing patrons to wear their literary passions with pride. As a beacon for fashion-forward book aficionados, Mida Apparel stands as a unique destination for those seeking to infuse their wardrobes with a touch of bookish flair.

Kathy’s Bookish Shop

Kathy’s shop includes apparel adorned with famous quotes, books with sprayed edges, charming bookmarks ideal for page-saving, this store provides enthusiasts with novel ways to express their passion for reading. Additionally, Kathy’s offers unique and playful stationery items, ensuring each writing endeavor is infused with a touch of literary inspiration.


Out of Print

This store offers readers and fans a chance to wear their favorite bookish designs, transforming literature’s timeless words and iconic covers into fashionable items that any book lover would cherish.

The Literary Gift Company

Visitors to their online store discover a treasure trove of literary-themed accessories, home decor, book-themed clothing, and stationery. Their curated products celebrate the joys of literature, making the perfect gift for avid readers and writers alike.


The New York Public Library Shop

At the New York Public Library shop, patrons find a fusion of culture and commerce, where proceeds support the library’s programs. The shop offers a curated array of goods from artful stationery and reading accessories to unique gifts, all inspired by the library’s vast collections and the written word itself.

Illumi Crate

Each month, subscribers discover a new release paired with beautiful, exclusive items designed to enhance the literary experience. Shop the USA store or the UK store for shipping to your location.



Subscribe to one of their book box or book-only plans and start receiving beautiful hardcover editions of the most anticipated fantasy Young Adult and Adult books every month. They currently have a waiting list, but you can be added to the list and they will notify you when a spot opens up.

The Satin Lemon

A fun selection of graphics that include bookish quotes, embroidery patterns, or digital downloads that you can use to make custom book-themed apparel and merch. Use them to create tumblers, bookmarks, sweatshirts, and sublimation products.


Creating a Cozy Readers’ Nook

A bookish store’s charm often lies in its thoughtfully designed space, inviting avid readers into a world where literature comes to life. Warm lighting, wooden shelves brimming with tales, and comfortable seating inspire long hours of journeying through pages. Stores may offer plush throw pillows, soft blankets, and literary-themed art to nurture the creation of a personal reading nook at home, enhancing the reader’s immersion into their latest adventure. The ambiance of such stores plays a pivotal role, with every design choice subtly encouraging visitors to unwind, explore, and lose themselves in the magic of reading.

Bookstores as Cultural Beacons

Within the heart of every community, bookish shops shine as guardians of literary culture. These unique havens are much more than retail spaces; they are key players in the continuing story of our shared intellectual heritage. As focal points for discussion, bookshops foster a sense of camaraderie among readers, offering a sanctuary where ideas are free to mingle and flourish. They represent the physical embodiment of our collective narrative, safeguarding the time-honored tradition of storytelling while nurturing the intellectual growth of the community. Bookish stores, in essence, are not just about selling books—they’re about upholding and celebrating the storied pageantry of literature itself.


The Future of Bookish Shops

The trajectory of bookish shops points towards a fusion of tradition with innovation. As defenders of literary culture, these beloved havens adapt by infusing technology with the age-old pleasure of reading, ensuring accessibility for future generations. Sustainability takes center stage as these stores adopt eco-friendly practices, from sourcing local products to minimizing waste, reaffirming their commitment to the planet and their communities.

Online social media platforms are helping to bring back a love for reading, which seems odd. But it is true. Bookstagram, Booktok, and Facebook Book Clubs have revived the paper book industry.

Customer loyalty evolves as bookshops bolster unique experiences that cannot be replicated online. Exclusive literary events, personalized recommendations, and intimate book clubs foster a loyal patronage that thrives on human connection. Bookstores reinvent themselves as social sanctuaries, inviting readers to linger amidst the pages and the people who love them.

Innovation blossoms as bookish shops explore new avenues to ignite passion for reading and bookish merch. These establishments might integrate augmented reality to bring stories to life, or host interactive workshops that marry literature with other art forms. Such creativity ensures that bookshops remain vibrant cultural hubs that continually enchant their visitors.

Hope for bookish stores flourishes as they adapt, reinvent, and innovate in their quest to celebrate the written word. These treasured spaces promise to endure as cornerstones of communities and culture, enticing bibliophiles and casual readers alike with the timeless allure of a good book and a welcoming chair.


Embracing the Bookish Life

Bookish stores weave a unique tapestry of charm and wonderment, offering sanctuaries where narratives thrive and imaginations flourish. These establishments, entrenched in the heart of reading communities, stand as enchanting oases where every book lover can find solace. They are not merely vessels of commerce but temples of storytelling that beckon avid readers to explore their depths. An unwavering support for these local havens strengthens the very fabric of our literary culture, nurturing a space where ideas can dance freely amongst the shelves.

Partaking in the vibrant life of these cultural bastions fosters connection, not only to the written word but also to like-minded souls journeying through the pages. By stepping into a local bookshop, attending author signings, or joining book clubs, you become a contributor to an enduring legacy—a guardian of the literary arts. Enrich your life with the countless stories waiting to be discovered and share in the collective passion for a world built on books. Let the irreplaceable essence of bookish shops serve as a beacon, and passionately contribute to the grand narrative they unfurl within our communities.

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