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Who is the Author of the Throne of Glass Series?

Sarah J. Maas is the acclaimed author of the “Throne of Glass” series. Born in New York, she began writing the series when she was just sixteen. Maas’s stories quickly amassed a large online following, propelling her to publish the first book in the series, “Throne of Glass,” in 2012. Her unique blend of fantasy, romance, and action has captivated readers across the globe, establishing Maas as a major name in contemporary young adult literature.


What is the Throne of Glass Series About?

The “Throne of Glass” series follows the story of Celaena Sardothien, a young assassin who is pulled out of imprisonment to compete in a deadly tournament. As she competes for her freedom, Celaena uncovers secrets about her past and must navigate dangerous political alliances in order to survive. The series is filled with magic, adventure, and plenty of twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Throne of Glass World Map

Throne of Glass World Map (Get it on Etsy)

One of the most exciting aspects of the “Throne of Glass” series is its richly detailed world. The story takes place in the fictional continent of Erilea, which is divided into different kingdoms and territories. To fully immerse yourself in this fantastical world, be sure to check out the beautifully illustrated map included in each book. It will give you a better understanding of the characters’ journeys and the vast landscape they traverse.

What Order Should I Read the Throne of Glass Books in?

If you’re new to the series, it can be a bit confusing trying to figure out where to start. There are two main approaches to reading the “Throne of Glass” series: by publication date or in chronological order.

The publication date order begins with the “Throne of Glass,” followed by “Crown of Midnight,” “Heir of Fire,” “Queen of Shadows,” “Empire of Storms,” “Tower of Dawn,” and concludes with “Kingdom of Ash.” This is the order in which Sarah J. Maas originally released the books, and it allows readers to experience the story as it unfolded for the first-time readers.

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Alternatively, you can read the series in chronological order. This method starts with the prequel “The Assassin’s Blade,” then proceeds in the same order as the publication list. Reading in this order provides valuable backstory about Celaena’s past before the main events of the series, offering additional context and depth to the story. However, keep in mind that this approach may reveal certain plot points earlier than in the publication order.

No matter which order you choose, each offers a unique perspective and will undoubtedly leave you enchanted by the captivating world of the “Throne of Glass” series.


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Throne Of Glass Series In Publication Date Order

Reading the “Throne of Glass” series in publication date order offers a host of benefits. Firstly, it allows readers to experience Celaena’s journey as Sarah J. Maas envisioned it. You’ll see plot twists, character developments, and the unveiling of secrets exactly as the author intended.

Secondly, reading in this order ensures you understand the references and callbacks to earlier books, heightening your appreciation for the series’ intricate storytelling.

Lastly, it allows you to fully appreciate how Sarah J. Maas’ writing style evolved over time, enhancing the immersive experience of this epic saga. So whether you’re a first-time reader, or revisiting the series, publication date order is a great way to experience the “Throne of Glass” series.

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How Many Throne of Glass Books are in the Series?

There are a total of seven books in the “Throne of Glass” series, as well as various novellas and short stories that expand on the world and its characters. The main books in the series, in order of publication date, are:

  • Throne Of Glass (2012)
  • Crown Of Midnight (2013)
  • The Assassin’s Blade (2014)
  • Heir Of Fire (2014)
  • Queen Of Shadows (2015)
  • Empire Of Storms (2016)
  • Tower Of Dawn (2017)
  • Kingdom Of Ash (2018)

Throne of Glass Books Summary (No Spoilers)


Throne Of Glass (2012)

Throne of Glass” introduces us to the world of Erilea and the captivating tale of Celaena Sardothien. As an infamous assassin, Celaena finds herself serving a life sentence in the salt mines of Endovier until she gets an unexpected chance at freedom. Prince Dorian, the crown prince of Adarlan, offers her a risky proposition – participate in a brutal competition against other assassins and thieves to become the king’s champion. If she wins, she will earn her freedom after four years of service. Despite the dangers, Celaena agrees, but as the competition intensifies, she discovers dark secrets lurking in the castle. Power struggles, hidden agendas, and an unexpected friendship with the captain of the guard, Chaol Westfall, complicate matters even more. As Celaena fights to stay alive and win her freedom, she begins to uncover her own hidden destiny. This riveting novel, full of action, intrigue, and a hint of romance, is the start of a thrilling journey you won’t want to miss.


Crown Of Midnight (2013)

In the second book of the series, “Crown of Midnight,” Celaena has fulfilled her four-year service to the king and is now the royal assassin. But as she carries out her duties, she starts questioning the motives of those around her and becomes determined to uncover their true intentions. With danger lurking at every turn, Celaena must navigate political intrigue, betrayal, and her own dark past to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, a powerful enemy threatens the kingdom, and Celaena must use all her skills to stop them before it’s too late. This action-packed sequel will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


The Assassin’s Blade (2014)

The Assassin’s Blade” is a collection of five prequel novellas that follow Celaena’s journey before the events of “Throne of Glass.” Delve deeper into her past and learn more about her training as an assassin, her relationships with key characters in the series, and the pivotal event that led to her imprisonment. This collection provides valuable insight into Celaena’s character and adds depth to the overall story.


Heir Of Fire (2014)

In the third book of the series, “Heir of Fire,” Celaena has fled Adarlan and is now in Wendlyn, on a quest to find answers about her heritage and how to defeat the King. As she learns more about her magical abilities, she also struggles with grief and self-discovery. Meanwhile, Chaol and Dorian are dealing with their own struggles in Adarlan, and a new character – the fierce witch Manon Blackbeak – is introduced. With multiple storylines and rich character development, “Heir of Fire” takes the series to new heights.


Queen Of Shadows (2015)

Queen of Shadows” continues the epic saga as Celaena must confront her past and embrace her destiny. With old enemies resurfacing and new alliances forming, she must use all her skills to protect those she loves and defeat the King’s dark forces. This installment is full of action, heart-pounding moments, and unexpected twists that will leave readers breathless.


Empire Of Storms (2016)

In “Empire of Storms,” the stakes are higher than ever as Celaena must gather allies and face her most dangerous enemy yet – the dark god Erawan. With epic battles, intense emotional moments, and shocking revelations, this fifth book is a rollercoaster ride of emotions that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment.


Tower Of Dawn (2017)

In this sixth book, “Tower of Dawn,” readers are introduced to a new perspective as the story shifts to focus on Chaol and his journey to the Southern Continent. As he faces physical and emotional challenges, he meets new allies and uncovers secrets that could change the course of the war against the King. This installment also ties in with events from previous books, making it a crucial piece of the overall story.


Kingdom Of Ash (2018)

The final book in the series, “Kingdom of Ash,” brings all the characters and storylines together for an epic conclusion. Celaena must gather her allies and fight against impossible odds to save her world from destruction. With intense action, heart-wrenching moments, and surprising plot twists, this final installment is a satisfying end to the “Throne of Glass” series.

Reading the Throne Of Glass Series In Chronological Order

Choosing to read the “Throne of Glass” series in chronological order, rather than publication order, can enhance the overall reading experience. By following the series chronologically, you’re able to follow the story as it unfolds naturally in time, providing better comprehension of the storyline and character development.

This approach allows you to understand the events that shape Celaena’s character from her early days, notably the events detailed in “The Assassin’s Blade”, prior to her introduction in the “Throne of Glass.” Furthermore, it provides a seamless continuity of events, reducing potential confusion and making connections between plot points more apparent.

This method immerses readers more deeply into the world of Erilea and the intricate web of its history, politics, and inter-character relationships. However, it should be noted that this approach may reveal some spoilers that the author has intentionally planted to be discovered later in the publication order. Ultimately, the decision between chronological or publication order depends on your reading preference.

  • The Assassin’s Blade (2014)
  • Throne Of Glass (2012)
  • Crown Of Midnight (2013)
  • Heir Of Fire (2014)
  • Queen Of Shadows (2015)
  • Empire Of Storms (2016)
  • Tower Of Dawn (2017)
  • Kingdom Of Ash (2018)

How to Tandem Read Empire of Storms and Tower of Dawn

Tandem reading refers to the practice of reading two books simultaneously, often to explore different perspectives or storylines that occur concurrently within the same series.

By adopting this reading style, you can experience the thrilling world of “Empire of Storms” and “Tower of Dawn” in a unique, interconnected way, as the events in these books happen at the same time but in different locations with different characters.

Tandem reading can enrich your understanding of the “Throne of Glass” series, allowing you to appreciate the depth and complexity of the universe Sarah J. Maas has created. You’ll be able to connect plot threads, identify parallels, and experience character development on a deeper level.

However, it’s important to carefully coordinate the chapters to ensure the timelines align appropriately. If you’re ready for an immersive and multidimensional reading experience, tandem reading is a strategy worth exploring.

throne of glass tandem bookmarks main

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  • Empire of Storms – Nightfall – Chapter 5
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 1
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 6 – Chapter 8
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 2 – Chapter 3
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 9 – Chapter 10
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 4 – Chapter 6
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 11
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 7
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 12 – Chapter 13
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 8 – Chapter 10
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 14 – Chapter 16
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 11 – Chapter 12
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 17 – Chapter 18
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 13 – Chapter 16
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 19
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 17
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 20 – Chapter 23
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 18 – Chapter 21
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 24 – Chapter 25
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 22 – Chapter 23
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 26
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 24
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 27 – Chapter 29
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 25 – Chapter 28
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 30
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 29 – Chapter 31
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 31
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 32
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 32
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 33 – Chapter 35
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 33 – Chapter 51
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 36 – Chapter 37
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 52
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 38 – Chapter 40
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 53
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 41 – Chapter 42
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 54 – Chapter 56
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 43
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 57 – Chapter 59
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 44 – Chapter 48
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 60 – Chapter 61
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 49 – Chapter 51
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 62 – Chapter 63
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 52 – Chapter 53
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 64 – Chapter 65
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 54 – Chapter 56
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 66 – Chapter 67
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 57
  • Empire of Storms – Chapter 68 – Chapter 75
  • Tower of Dawn – Chapter 58 – Chapter 68 and Fireheart

One way to set yourself up for success in a tandem read is to take the list of chapter orders and prep your books in advance. Use annotation tabs or sticky notes to mark when you should put one book down and pick up the other. (For example: put a sticky at the end of Empire of Storms: Chapter 5 that says “Move to Tower of Dawn”. At the end of Tower of Dawn: Chapter 1 put a sticky that says “Move to Empire of Storms”.)

The other option is to just use the printable to track where you are and make a mental note of when you need to switch between books.

The Throne of Glass Coloring Book by Sarah J. Maas

The “Throne of Glass Coloring Book” by Sarah J. Maas is a stunning visual supplement to the thrilling series, filled with 96 pages of original artwork that bring the world of Erilea to life.


This coloring book allows you to further immerse yourself in the series, engaging with the characters, settings, and scenes in a more intimate and interactive manner. As you color, you have the opportunity to explore your own interpretation of Maas’ vivid descriptions, adding your personal touch to the intricate designs.

Whether you’re a budding artist looking to practice your skills, or a dedicated fan seeking a more hands-on experience with the series, the “Throne of Glass Coloring Book” is an excellent way to dive deeper into the captivating world of Throne of Glass.

The act of coloring can also be therapeutic, providing a relaxing and creative outlet for stress relief. So, grab your colored pencils, immerse yourself in the magic, and become a part of the journey as you breathe color into the world of Throne of Glass.

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Throne of Glass Miniature Character Collection

The “Throne of Glass Miniature Character Collection” is an enchanting set of collectible items that every fan of Sarah J. Maas’s series would love to own. This collection features mini figurines of the main characters from the captivating world of Erilea, each one meticulously crafted to capture the unique qualities of the characters we’ve come to love. From Aelin’s fiery spirit to Rowan’s unyielding strength, these miniature collectibles breathe a new dimension of life into the personalities that drive the “Throne of Glass” series.

As of now, this collection features eight miniature characters:

  • Aelin Galathynius
  • Rowan Whitethorn
  • Chaol Westfall
  • Dorian Havilliard
  • Manon Blackbeak
  • Aedion Ashryver
  • Lysandra Ennar,
  • Yrene Towers

Each character is represented with remarkable detail, encapsulating their distinctive attributes and making them instantly recognizable for fans. Whether you’re a collector, a fan, or simply an admirer of good craftsmanship, this miniature character collection is an excellent way to bring the “Throne of Glass” series into your everyday life.

With the promise of future additions to this collection, it’s an exciting time for fans to expand their collection and continue their journey through the vivid world of Erilea with these miniature treasures. So, start your collection today and bring home a piece of the “Throne of Glass” universe

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Throne of Glass Series Awards

The phenomenal “Throne of Glass” series has been acknowledged and celebrated by a plethora of prestigious awards and recognitions, a testament to its compelling narrative and intricate character development. Among these accolades, it has secured a spot on the New York Times Best Seller list, a benchmark in the literary world, showcasing its popularity and reach across a diverse audience.

Also noteworthy is the Goodreads Choice Award, where the series has been a multiple-time nominee in the “Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction” category. This award is particularly significant as it reflects the appreciation and love of the readers, being entirely driven by their votes.

Throne Of Glass Flower Aelin Quote Sweatshirt
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In addition, the ‘Throne of Glass’ series has been shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, an annual award dedicated to promoting new talent in the field of children’s books. The recognition by such a prestigious award illuminates the series’ contribution to engaging young readers in the fantasy genre.

Receiving such prestigious awards not only demonstrates the series’ quality and popularity but also highlights Sarah J. Maas’s exceptional talent as a fantasy writer. The accolades serve as a beacon, drawing new readers to discover the enthralling world of Erilea and its memorable characters.

Until the Darkness Claims Us Fan Art
Until the Darkness Claims Us Fan Art (Get it on Etsy)

Throne of Glass

“Throne of Glass”, the first book in Sarah J. Maas’ phenomenal series, has received several noteworthy accolades that underscore its immense popularity and critical acclaim:

  • Goodreads Choice Awards Finalist for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction (2012): A testament to its popularity among avid readers and fans, as this award is purely based on reader votes.
  • Kirkus Reviews’ Best Teen Books of the Year (2012): This accolade emphasizes the appeal of “Throne of Glass” to the teen demographic, showcasing how it successfully caters to their tastes and preferences.
  • Amazon’s Best Books of the Month (August 2012): A monthly selection by Amazon’s book review team, the inclusion of “Throne of Glass” underscores its engaging narrative and well-crafted characters.
  • Nominated for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize (2013): An annual award that sheds a light on new talents in the realm of children’s books, the nomination of “Throne of Glass” signals its significant contribution to the young reader’s fantasy genre.

These awards and nominations not only solidify “Throne of Glass” as a remarkable entry in the world of fantasy literature, but they also highlight Sarah J. Maas’ extraordinary prowess as a writer in this genre.

Throne of Glass Wall Art Bundle
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Crown of Midnight

“Crown of Midnight”, the second entrancing installment in the “Throne of Glass” series, has been recognized with several prestigious awards and nominations, illustrating its popularity among readers and its critical acclaim. Here’s a list of its recognitions:

  • Goodreads Choice Awards Winner for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction (2013): This award signifies its outstanding appeal to readers as the winner is chosen entirely based on their votes.
  • A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year (2013): This accolade reflects the book’s resonance with the youth demographic, indicating its successful engagement with their interests.
  • Amazon’s Best Books of the Month (August 2013): A monthly distinction by Amazon’s book review team, this acknowledgment highlights “Crown of Midnight” for its engaging narrative and well-drawn characters.
  • Nominated for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize (2014): This prized nomination underscores the book’s significant contribution to the realm of young adult fantasy literature.

These awards and nominations further establish the “Throne of Glass” series, and specifically “Crown of Midnight”, as a powerhouse in the world of young adult fantasy literature.

Throne of Glass print
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Heir of Fire

“Heir of Fire”, the third captivating book in the “Throne of Glass” series, continues the tradition of excellence set by its predecessors, earning a number of prestigious awards and recognitions:

  • Goodreads Choice Awards Winner for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction (2014): Demonstrating its overwhelming success among readers, this award is a testament to the captivating world Maas has created, as it’s decided solely based on reader votes.
  • A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year (2014): This esteemed recognition underscores the book’s immense appeal with the youth demographic, highlighting its ability to engage and captivate their imaginations.
  • Amazon’s Best Books of the Month (September 2014): This monthly distinction by Amazon’s editorial team marks “Heir of Fire” as a standout for its compelling storytelling and expertly developed characters.
  • Nominated for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize (2015): This nomination reaffirms the book’s significant contribution to the realm of young adult fantasy literature.

These awards and nominations not only fortify the “Throne of Glass” series’ standing as a titan in the world of young adult fantasy literature but also spotlight Sarah J. Maas’ unmatched talent and creativity as a writer.

Throne of Glass inspired acrylic bookmark
Throne of Glass Acrylic Bookmark (Get it on Etsy)

Throne of Glass Series Goodreads Choice Awards Nominees and Winners:

  • “Throne of Glass” (2012) – Finalist for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • “Crown of Midnight” (2013) – Winner for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • “Heir of Fire” (2014) – Winner for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • “Queen of Shadows” (2015) – Finalist for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • “Empire of Storms” (2016) – Finalist for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • “Tower of Dawn” (2017) – Finalist for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • “Kingdom of Ash” (2018) – Winner for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction

With a total of 7 nominations and 3 wins, the “Throne of Glass” series has consistently been recognized by readers for its exceptional storytelling and captivating world-building. Its success at the Goodreads Choice Awards further solidifies its place as one of the most beloved young adult fantasy series of all time.

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Throne of Glass TV Series

In addition to its literary successes, the “Throne of Glass” series is also making waves in the television industry.

In September 2020, it was announced that Hulu had won a bidding war for the rights to develop the series into a live-action show. Sarah J. Maas will be one of the executive producers along with her husband Josh and author Ron Moore.

This exciting development only shows the continued popularity and impact of the “Throne of Glass” series, and fans cannot wait to see their favorite characters come to life on screen.

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