8 Questions About Fourth Wing Series: Guide to the Book

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Fourth Wing has been blowing up social media. Everyone is obsessed with this book and eagerly anticipating the 2nd book, Iron Flame. Obsession might be a mild way of describing it. Fanatical maybe?!

Hyped-up things are not usually my style. This book has infiltrated my brain. I even went to 3 different big box stores looking for copies of the Iron Flame that may have been released early. That is not how I usually operate.

I can honestly say that when they announce the pre-release sale for the third book in this series, I will be smashing that buy button. No questions asked.

How Many Books Are In The Empyrean Series By Rebecca Yarros?

The Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros is an engaging and popular fantasy series featuring a brutal and elite world of a war college for dragon riders. It has captured the attention of numerous fans across the globe.

As of now, the total number of books in the Empyrean Series is expected to be five. The first book in the series, titled Fourth Wing, was released on May 2, 2023. It has garnered remarkable ratings and reviews, making it a favorite among readers.

The second book in the series is called Iron Flame, and its publication date is set for November 7, 2023. While there have been no specific announcements or release dates for the remaining three books, fans can anticipate more thrilling adventures with their favorite characters in the captivating world created by Rebecca Yarros.

Keep in mind that the series is also known by its German title, Flammengeküsst. So, whether you are a new or seasoned fan, don’t miss out on the opportunity to dive into this exciting dragon-riding journey crafted by the talented author, Rebecca Yarros.

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Fourth Wing Series Books In Order (Empyrean Series Reading Order)

The Fourth Wing Series, also known as the Empyrean Series, is a popular fantasy book series written by Rebecca Yarros. Fans of the series are drawn to its unique dragon-themed storyline. Here is the reading order to help you fully immerse and enjoy the experience:

  1. Fourth Wing (Empyrean Series Book #1): The journey starts with our protagonist, Violet Sorrengail, a twenty-year-old who was supposed to enter the Scribe Quadrant for a quiet life among books and history. However, destiny had different plans for her.
  2. Iron Flame (Empyrean Series #2): Continuing the exciting tale, the second book in the series picks up from where the last adventure left off and provides a deeper exploration of the Empyrean universe.

As for the future installments, there are plans for three more books in the series. Their titles and release dates are yet to be announced.

  • Book 3: To Be Confirmed (TBC)
  • Book 4: To Be Confirmed (TBC)
  • Book 5: To Be Confirmed (TBC)

So far, fans have been thrilled with the first two books and eagerly await the upcoming releases. To get the most out of the rich storyline, it’s recommended to read the books in the order mentioned above. Dive into the captivating world of the Fourth Wing Series and enjoy the Empyrean adventure as it unfolds!

Fourth Wing Series Books In Order With Publisher Descriptions


Fourth Wing By Rebecca Yarros

Fourth Wing is the first book in the Empyrean (Fourth Wing) series by Rebecca Yarros. This captivating tale introduces us to the world of Navarre’s Basgiath War College and the courageous main character, Violet Sorrengail.

Fourth Wing Summary

In this enchanting story, twenty-year-old Violet Sorrengail was supposed to enter the Scribe Quadrant, living a quiet life among books and history. However, destiny has other plans for her, as she finds herself leaving the scholarly Scribe Quadrant for the challenging Rider Quadrant—a place where only the strongest and brightest survive. Violet must navigate the thrilling, dragon-filled world of the Rider Quadrant and overcome the obstacles in her path to uncover her true potential.


Iron Flame By Rebecca Yarros

Iron Flame is the second book in the Empyrean (Fourth Wing) series by Rebecca Yarros. This highly anticipated sequel to Fourth Wing takes us on an exciting journey with Violet as she faces new challenges and discovers more secrets about the Rider Quadrant.

Iron Flame Release Date

Iron Flame (Empyrean Series #2) by Rebecca Yarros is the second book in the Fourth Wing series and is eagerly awaited by fans. It was released on November 7, 2023. There were dragon parties, midnight releases, and a bunch of fun events.

Iron Wing Official Blurb

While the official blurb for Iron Flame has not yet been released, the book promises to continue Violet Sorrengail’s thrilling adventures in the Rider Quadrant. As she encounters new dragons, intriguing characters, and unexpected plot twists, Violet’s story will keep readers engaged and eager for the next installment in the Fourth Wing series.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Fourth Wing Series

Who Is The Author Of The Fourth Wing Series?

The Fourth Wing series, also known as the Empyrean, is written by Rebecca Yarros. Rebecca is a talented author who has gained widespread recognition with the success of the Fourth Wing. Published on April 5, 2023, the book quickly took over BookTok (the book corner of TikTok) and has sold more than 400,000 copies as of August 18.

Will There Be A Sequel For Fourth Wing?

Yes, there will be a sequel for Fourth Wing called “Iron Flame.” The rights to this sequel have been secured by Amazon, as mentioned in an article dated October 30, 2023. Additionally, the Fourth Wing series is being adapted into a television show by Amazon MGM Studios and Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society, which will likely boost the popularity and anticipation for the sequel.

How Many Books Are In The Fourth Wing Series?

The Fourth Wing series, also known as the Empyrean series, is a captivating fantasy series created by author Rebecca Yarros. Currently, there are five books planned for this series, with the first book, Fourth Wing, having been published on May 2, 2023. Fans eagerly await the release of the second book, Iron Flame, which is scheduled to hit shelves on November 7, 2023.

This enchanting series is set in the intriguing world of Basgiath War College and follows the journey of the protagonist, Violet Sorrengail, as she bonds with a dragon and trains to become a warrior in the midst of her kingdom’s ongoing war. With such a fascinating premise and captivating characters, readers have found themselves deeply invested in the unfolding story.

To better grasp the series’ sequence and plan for future book launches, here’s a summary of the titles:

books in order list

The Empyrean Books

  • Book 1: Fourth Wing (Published on May 2, 2023)
  • Book 2: Iron Flame (Published on Nov. 7, 2023)
  • Book 3 – TBD
  • Book 4 – TBD
  • Book 5 – TBD

It’s essential for fans of the Fourth Wing series to keep an eye on future updates, as the titles and release dates for books three, four, and five have not yet been announced. Make sure to mark your calendars and pre-order the next installment, Iron Flame, to stay up-to-date with Violet Sorrengail’s thrilling journey in this mesmerizing fantasy series.

What Is The Fourth Wing Series About?

The Fourth Wing series, also known as the Empyrean series, is a wildly successful dragon-themed book series written by Rebecca Yarros. The story revolves around Violet Sorrengail, an unlikely dragon rider who ends up navigating a world of magic and adventure.

Violet Sorrengail discovers that she has the ability to ride dragons and harness their powers, which leads her to Basgiath War College. Here, she is trained in the art of dragon-riding and finds herself entangled in a dangerous web of friends, foes, and political intrigue.

Throughout the series, Violet faces a variety of challenges and enemies while being drawn into a gripping enemies-to-lovers romance. This fantastical journey unravels the world of Basgiath and introduces its rich history, magical elements, and powerful characters.

Beyond the captivating story, the Fourth Wing series is known for its strong character development, intricate world-building, and enchanting plotlines. These elements, combined with Yarros’ mesmerizing writing style, enable readers to dive into a realm that’s beyond their imagination.

Moreover, the series has gained massive popularity on social media platforms like TikTok, where it boasts over 891.5 million views. Due to its overwhelming success, a TV adaptation of the Fourth Wing series is currently in the works at Amazon, giving fans even more thrilling content to look forward to.

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Is Fourth Wing Worth It?

“Fourth Wing” is a fantasy novel by Rebecca Yarros that was released in April 2023. It quickly became a New York Times bestseller and a popular topic on TikTok. The story follows an unlikely dragon rider named Violet Sorrengail who navigates through the world of Basgiath War College.

Many readers have found the book to be a captivating and immersive experience. It has the essential elements of a great romantasy series, such as intoxicating magic and a thrilling enemies-to-lovers romance. The quick answer to whether “Fourth Wing” is worth it is a resounding yes. As a testament to its popularity, a fan website was created, where the book received a 5-star rating.

In addition to the novel’s success, a television series adaptation is now in development at Amazon. This project is being produced by Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society, which further indicates the widespread excitement and support for the series.

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What Is The Fourth Wing Age Rating?

Advocates for age-appropriate literature should remember that 18+ audiences are best suited to enjoy the entirety of this series, given the prevalent themes and content.

Regarding the target audience, Fourth Wing is recommended for readers aged 18 and older. This mature rating can be attributed to the inclusion of intimate scenes, graphic violence, and strong profanity within the narrative. Consequently, the content might not be suitable for a younger audience that typically enjoys young adult fantasy.

At times, Fourth Wing reads like a young adult fantasy novel sprinkled with R-rated romance scenes. It is also worth noting that fans of the young adult genre will not be deterred by the book’s adult fantasy status. The storyline is such that many teen fantasy lovers will find themselves immersed in the narrative, racing through the pages.

Is Fourth Wing Spicy?

The Fourth Wing series has gained popularity among book and fantasy lovers for its action-packed and spicy storyline. A perfect blend of romance, action, and fantasy elements keeps the readers gripped throughout the story. The Fourth Wing spice level ramps up toward the last third of the book.

The plot is set in a world where Navarre and the neighboring kingdom, Poromiel, have been at war for 400 years. The story revolves around the Riders’ Quadrant, a powerful military force divided into four wings. Each wing is led by a wingleader and comprises three sections: Flame, Claw, and Tail. Every section is managed by a section leader and contains four squads under the supervision of a squad leader.

As the tale unfolds, readers are introduced to fascinating characters, intricate relationships, and intense emotions. This captivating mix of elements has helped Fourth Wing establish itself as an enthralling series with a spicy twist. The story’s allure has even led to the development of a TV show adaptation by Amazon and Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society.

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Are There More Books Like Fourth Wing?

For fans of the Fourth Wing series, there are certainly other books that share similar themes and captivating storylines. These books in particular tend to blend elements of fantasy and romance, making them ideal for those who enjoy this compelling genre combination.

One popular recommendation is Divine Rivals, which has been a common suggestion on platforms like BookTok. Like Fourth Wing, this novel features epic rivalries and enchanting elements that draw readers in. The spice level of this read is way lower than Fourth Wing.

A classic epic fantasy series to consider is A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, the first installment in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. While it offers a complex immersive world, the dragon rider aspect found in Fourth Wing is also present in this beloved work of fiction.

There are other selections in the dragon-themed category as well. For example, His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik is a compelling story with beautifully written protagonists and dragons. Additionally, Joust: Dragon Jousters Book #1 by Mercedes Lackey is a great pick for those who enjoy the intricacies of dragon riding and partnership.

For readers seeking more addicting fantasy series like Fourth Wing, it’s worth checking out Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi, The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake, and Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. Each novel offers a unique premise, with strong heroines, intense storylines, and intricate world-building, promising a thrilling reading experience.

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