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These are the coffee products that I use in my own kitchen for my daily coffee consumption and the coffee gear that I use to create recipes that you see on the site. If it is on this list, I have purchased it myself and use it regularly. Specialty ingredients, tools, and equipment that I don’t use as frequently will be found on the individual recipe posts.

I do my best to find supplies that are NOT made in China. That isn’t always possible, unfortunately. If you have suggestions for an affordable American-made product not in my collection, please let me know.

NOTE: The following links are affiliate links. I get a small commission off sales and that helps keep this site updated and full of fun recipes and book recommendations.

Coffee Gear Essentials

French Coffee Press

I use this method for coffee almost daily. When I just want a good ol’ fashioned cup of joe, this is my preferred way to brew a cup. There are various options available such as glass, ceramic, or metal. I prefer ceramic and metal because they retain heat longer.

Moka Pot

This is my favorite way to brew a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I’m probably taking a break and I just want to get a few things cleaned up around the kitchen. I will put this on the stove and let it do its thing (slowly) while I wait. No rush. No worries. It’s a sort of ritual.

Espresso Machine

Espresso shots are perfect when I want to make “fun” coffee. Something fancy. Something with unique ingredients. Not just cream and sweetener. Don’t get me wrong, I will pull a shot just to mix with hot water for an Americano with cream and vanilla all day every day. But this one is about being creative.

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